Relaxing.|Giving Myself Grace.

Hey Chile. (whispering,) it’s nap time/quit time. I am actually relaxing. Chile, I am exhausted.

It’s the middle of the week and the weekend is full of festivities. (We’re making spooky fun treats and have our matching PJ’s and costumes ready!) So that I am not drained and in a tired funk this weekend I am allowing myself a very down day. And it feels good! Elle’ went down for a nap a hour early. And Naomi gave me no problem (as usual.) when it came to her school lessons and assignments. I cooked breakfast, we ate. I usually change our sheets every Monday and Friday, but today I was like what the heck. So I changed our bedding and washed our comforter. I really like tihis comforter so I don’t want to change it quite yet. I already called my husband and asked him to pickup pizza on the way in. And I’m going to make us some little salads on the side. Easy. Breezy. And good.

Chile. I ain’t even gonna lie, a slice of cheese pizza and a side salad ?sounds so good to me right now.

I am really enjoying this time of year so far. ??The weather is changing for sure here on the island. It’s like you can smell the fall in the breeze. I was too hype to wear my jean jacket yesterday when I went out. I love a cute ole jean jacket now Chile.

My schedule is pretty packed. My planner is no joke. That’s the one thang about keeping a good ole planner. I will look back years from now and be like, Oh I was busy this day. This was rest day.” Ya know? I love memories Chile, journals, planners, pictures. I love it. (I need to pick up some new ink pens now. I may go on Amazon for real.)

I just wanted to check in with you for a second while I was relaxing. I’m about to finish making this bed Chile.

Look! Regardless of how busy, packed, or congested your schedule may be, ???? ???? ??? ???!! ?????? ???? ???? ??? ???. I’m so serious Chile. Listen to your body Chile. You cannot pour from a empty cup. Take care of you too.

Talk soon.?

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