30 Day Challenge-We Gotta Start Somewhere!

Whew Chile! It has been a minute, I know. How are you? I pray all is well on your end. ?

So, lets get right into it. If you don’t already know, I am here to tell you that ya girl is all the way a Pinterest junkie, fanatic, all that and then some. I basically live over there. So, I ran across a post that I really want to take into consideration when it comes to my personal life. Sooo, of course I wanted to share this with you!

Now, before we start let me just say this first. I do not have my life all figured out and by all means I do not have it all together. Especially these days. I do not want to come off like, ya know, some condescending butt hole because that is not the goal at all. I will say this though. Somethings do come natural to me. Whether it be because of my characteristics. Things that bring me joy. Things that come as a natural habit. Or even if it’s just my pure being.

I am a organized, neat freak! I believe that a clean space allows a clear mind. I am a natural born bookworm. I prefer a book over a tv any day. (I get it from my momma.) “If you want to achieve something in life, you must first write it down.” I absolutely love writing. So yeah, a journal and a planner is like tooth paste and a tooth brush for me. I do not run unless something is behind me, but I will walk you to the end of the earth.

I just recently had a very humbling experience happened to me and I am very clear and not so clear about a lot things these days. So by default a few of these things I started a few weeks ago without thought. Now, with that being said. LET’S GO AND GOOD LUCK! ??

  1. Stay offline for one day.
  2. Pray and meditate for 15 minutes.
  3. Declutter your digital life.
  4. NO complaint day.
  5. Identify your 3 to 6 main priorities
  6. Follow a morning ritual, (I have always felt like this is so important.)
  7. Streamline your reading list.
  8. Learn to enjoy solitude.
  9. Downsize your beauty collection.
  10. No email or social media until lunch! (Now of course this is after the whole, stay offline for one day. #1)
  11. Evaluate your commitments.
  12. Define your goals this year.
  13. Clean out your closet.
  14. Take a step toward learning a new skill. (I’m going to continue learning Japanese!)
  15. Examine your daily habits. (YIKES!)
  16. Don’t buy anything for 24 hours. (Chile let me gone head and delete Amazon for the next 24 hours.)
  17. Practice single tasking.
  18. Unfollow and unfriend.
  19. Go for a walk and practice mindfulness. (Tranquility.)
  20. NO television all day, read instead.
  21. Journal for 20 minutes. (My thang.)
  22. Create a relaxing bedtime routine. (This is the time I need to put my phone away for the night.)
  23. Go bare- faced. (Welp, that ain’t been hard. I haven’t even gotten my lashes done.)
  24. Practice gratitude.
  25. Leave a whole day unplanned. (Lord help me with my, stay planning something arse.)
  26. Identify your stress triggers. (EXHALES!)
  27. clear out your junk drawer. (Chile you know when your junk drawer gets too junky!)
  28. Let GO of a goal.
  29. Turn off notifications. (Check.)
  30. Evaluate your last few purchases. (Listen! I know I didn’t need those thangs but I got it anyway. Ain’t nothing to think about.)

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Thanks Chile, I’ll see you there!

Talk soon.

2 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge-We Gotta Start Somewhere!

  1. Hey April! So glad you back blogging! You are so inspiring! I suffer with Generalize Anxiety Disorder and reading a lot of your material really helps me cope. You never know who you may be helping just by you being you! Y’all be safe and tell your mom I said hello!

    1. OH MY GOODNESS!! I am so glad to hear from you! You have no idea the smile you just put on my face! Thank you for always supporting me. It means so much!! I will definitely let my momma know you said, hello. I love you girl. Take care. 🙂

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