A Moment of Silence

This has been a pretty rough week for a lot of people I love and care about! It really hurts my heart to hear the tragedies of the lost are possible near death of a loved one. I only can imagine what they are feeling and knowing that we all have to go through it some day with someone that we love so much and couldn’t see living life without sucks! It really really sucks! But where there is life, there is death, but at the time it just seems so unfair. How can you prepare yourself for that? YOU CAN’T! Sometimes I almost think it may be easier dying than being left behind feeling the grief of losing the one you love so much. God knows I don’t want to even imagine….

My cousins lost their son! As a mother I only can shed tears for them. You should never bury your child (sad face.) but it happens every day! I do not care what! I don’t care the situation, the cause, the place or the time! A parent should never have to bury their baby. Whether your child is right, wrong, or indifferent as a mother I can only imagine the tears you have cried. May God give you strength! My heart goes out to them, their family, there friends! Anyone who has hurt in their heart by this death, God Bless you!

My close friend for years now who is Rob’s cousin whom I’ve always referred to as my cousin has a dear friend that she grew up with who the doctors say is living on her death bed right now with an illness that they say they can any longer do anything about. So the family member and friends sit and wait. She is a wife and a mother. I don’t know for sure but she has a son that is maybe 5 or 6. My God, My God show up and show out in that hospital room today! I know you take people for whatever reason you chose God! But I ask right now in the mighty name of Jesus that you give this young woman more time on this earth to raise her child! To see him grow with her husband family members and friends! Please God. You said that you will bless us according to our faith! And I trust you God, I’ve seen you do it, I’ve seen what you have done for my own baby! Please God heal her body from the top of her head to the soles of her feet Father! I’m walking by faith and not by sight!

I would appreciate anyone who is reading this to have good thoughts and speak life into this situation. I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ, therefore I believe in the things He said He will do.

I ask for peace and comfort in the home and mind of the parents who lost their child. Who is burying him right now! Cradle them in your loving arms Father God as they cry tears off sadness Jesus.

I ask that you give peace to anyone grieving for the loss of a loved one or the fear of losing one! SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT GOD!! Please Jesus, please. I am not asking you but I am begging you Father!

I pray that everyone who has come across this blog will touch and agree in Jesus name!

God Bless you families and friends my thoughts and my prayers go out to you sincerely and genuinely!

God Bless You!



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