A Pat on the Back

My sweat pea is 14 months! And I could never be more entertained by this little Misses. She is absolutely hilarious!!!! I literally laugh every single day of my life. Like I’ve said before, there is not a dull day in the JonesΒ household.

Naomi is such a cuddler. She’s such a snuggle bunny, and super touchy feely. She has got to be touching you in any way shape or form. Whether it be a foot, leg, hand or head! When I hug her or hold her she will pat me on my back. Her little fingers, the palm of her hands soothe me. I embrace every second of it. Β She’s so innocent, Β she’s so oblivious too how much I love her.

I love when we watch “Sid the Science Kid Together.” That show is our jam, we watch it everyday! We will lay up and learn together, while Naomi rubs my arm as if I’m the child and she’s the mom. It’s super adorable. She’s just cute as a button. I swear that little lady makes life soooooooo much better.

During nap time, Naomi will pat my back until she dozes off.

Naomis pats on the back are a consent reminder that I’m doing something right. I may not have it all together, I may not be exactly where I want to be when it comes to my goals check off list, but when I feel Naomis hands pat my back, I know I’m doing something right. All the love that Naomi gives up and out makes my heart so full. My little lady loves hugs and kisses and I LOVE receiving them.

I love you sweet pea.