Ain’t Nothing Like a Fill-In

What is something small that makes you happy?
Let’s see!!
There is a lot of little things that make me happy actually.
When Rob brings me a slushy or slurpee home, with a bag of flaming hot Cheetos without me having to ask.
When my Kool-Aid is not that sweet!
When I go thru the Subway drive thru up the street, and they make my sub perfect!
When a book is a late-night page turner.
When the ice cream machine is working at McDonalds.
When there is a wait at a restaurant, but I don’t end up waiting as long as I thought I would.
When there is automatically cheese on a salad that I order.
Blah, blah, blah.
There is a lot of little things that make me happy. BUT!! There is nothing like a fresh set of nails Chile!
I love getting my nails done. I get real antsy if I can’t get to the nail shop! By the way, these are my real nails for those who see them on social media. Right now, my nails are red. I wanted red sooooo bad! I could for see it. I love my nails right now. They are perfect! Like, I have no complaints. But, I’m already ready to go back. They have so many colors it’s unreal. And my nail tech is so bomb. I heard she use to do celebrity nails. We’ll these nails be looking like celebrities, because Chile, let me tell you!
I have never had to make an appointment to get my nails done. But now I do. Sandy be booked and busy,
I have a good two weeks before I get my nails done again. My anniversary is May 4th. I’m just going to wait until then. I want my nails to be bomb! I want something a little different and fancy I think, I may get me some jewels. Mm…
Now, I don’t play about my hair. Trust me. I stay trying to get a new wig, some new bundles, braids, or a trim and blow out. But listen. If I do not have my nails done, I ain’t right. If my hair isn’t done, I can go in my closet, get me a nice ole hat. I have quit the selection. I’ll put on some lipstick, preferably red. Maybe some hoop earrings or some diamond studs. But just know I would be cute. With, my nails done. Now, what if my hair was done but my nails were all types of jacked up. I would not feel right.
I know, it sounds crazy. But it’s the truth.
My truth.
Happy, happy, joy, joy!

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