Closed Casket

You know it’s a sad time in this world when people will come together for the death of you, but not the life of you (Shaking my head.) Talk about knowing who is and who isn’t solely there for you! (Sarcasm in my voice.) When someone dies everyone and their grandma (Literally) is there. Knowing dang on well, they don’t care (persay) they just want to have a story to go back a tell. Who you think you fooling? You can’t tell nothing slick to a can of oil! Mmm..k! If you didn’t know already, let me tell you. (Duck lips, sips coffee, literally.) Its ashamed how people can come together to celebrate your death, but not gather in your success while you were alive. Some of you probably don’t know exactly where I’m going with this, but think about it, how many people you know for a fact, without a shadow of a doubt that would be present at you burial. But was nowhere in plain sight for your trials and tribulations (mmm…well they may have been there when you struggled) that led you to your triumphs? How many people were there to celebrate with you, I mean genuinely? (I’ll wait.) I feel like people will be around for the tears, and pity parties, personally. It’s when God shows up and shows out in your life when people scatter or stick around while bad mouthing you behind your back while playing friend about what you use to be.

I’m here to tell you right now if you weren’t rocking with me, I’m talking about when I was a mess down, bust down, when I didn’t know whether I was coming or going. I’m talking about the times when you had to charge my attitude to my head and not my heart because life was miserable. The times when I was striving to be my best because I knew I was at my worse. (Thank God for Jesus, I was a lost soul…but God.) Points being do not come to my funeral!! Please, and thank you. (I pray all is well in your life.) No, I am not being sarcastic I do mean that. I want everyone to be prosperous in their lives, if God can forgive me for wronging people then I can forgive those who’ve wronged me, but I rather those who love me dearly to be in the presence of honest people.

Don’t come bringing me flowers. I mean it’s not like I can smell the roses. All I’m saying is love me when I’m here, not when I’m dead and gone. Bring me flowers while I’m present on earth. Support me while I’m here, not supporting what was now that I’m dead and gone. Some people haven’t said much as a hello to me, don’t come talking about R.I.P. now either. If you were around while I was living then you knew every blemish and mole on my face. What are you trying to see now at my funeral? But if you chose to go against my wishes it’s going to be a closed casket anyways. So good luck and God speed on trying to go and tell people what I looked like. All you fitting to see is some mahogany wood. I don’t want or need anyone praying God knows what over my soul!!

Look all I’m trying to say is go see people when they are here living, support folks while they are here. Don’t wait until someone passes on and then get on the phone talking about “I remember when we use to play in the sand box.” (Ya’ll don’t feel me.) Now you are trying to run to the wake, because you can’t make it to the funeral, because that person is not worth you taking off of work to you anyways. Whether you know it or not, you’re taking up space and being disrespectful. Knowing you were talking about Sally Mae the other day on Instagram while she was trying to promote her business at the coffee shop. (paaalease!!)

Support people when they are here!! Give credit where credit is due! Even if you and someone don’t see eye to eye don’t be the person to hate on their accolades like we all not working with the same 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year!

I’m Just Saying…

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  1. Agree 100% I rather for you to be fake and phony now as you are then to be crying over my dead body like you were my A1 girl/boy bye have several seat (I’ll wait*****Rolls eyes Literally).

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