Cute, Comfy, Cozy, Christmas!

Okay so, I am so into Christmas this year with Naomi being two! By her being older now, and knowing what she loves, and is all into makes it fun! So, it’s going to be so much fun this year! Christmas has turned into a money guzzler for sure! People loose friendships over gifts. Family member ae just all over the place, and some folks are probably contemplating whether they should not pay the cable bill to get gifts. It’s just crazy! All the cute, fun things we have done this Christmas, is definitely all for Naomi. I love to see her happy.

Love has really just vanished in Christmas, in so many ways, in my opinion. This year I told Rob do not get me anything! Please, do not! And deep down because I know my man so well I know he will, I know he will. But I really do not want anything. I know it may sound corny, to a hater, but I always get what I want, every day, I want to enjoy my family, the food, and Naomi’s smile. I want to remember the bigger picture of Christmas! And it ain’t money. I don’t want a gift. Of course, we spoiled Naomi something terrible!! Oh, my gosh! But she’s two, and…. hold up, never mind. Why am explaining myself?

I am so thankful for Rob and Naomi, I mean, I could never form into words the feelings they give me. I want our Christmas to be built on that! I want to always remember how blessed I am. Soooo many people are lacking the biggest things in their lives on this major holiday, and you have people tripping over the simplest things. I remember the days I prayed for the things I have now, the people I have now. I always want to remain humble, grateful. I refuse to get caught up in the, in the, worlds hype of what should be and shouldn’t be, ya know!
I’m sooo excited about all the food I’m going to cook for the three of us. We have our Christmas PJ’s down packed! Every year we get a new pair. We discovered this tradition when Naomi was 1. After last year, I thought it was cute, so we agreed that we would stick to that. When you come to our place on Christmas, come in ya Christmas PJ’s!! So yeah, that’s our little family jig. I eat waaay tooo much on Christmas day to be all dressed up in heels, jeans, or a pencil skirt. I want to be cute, comfy, and cozy. I’m Just Saying….
I am also really excited about the menu! Okay, so as of right now, (I’m sure something may be added.) I am cooking:
Fried wing dings! (I’m so hype about this. Can’t wait to eat some good ole fried chicken.)
2 Cornish Hens (Aren’t they so cute? Haha. We’ll I think so.)
BBQ Ribs (I’m going to fix for Rob and Naomi! They’re going to be so hype about that!)
Collard greens (My Mommas way! They be sooo good!)
Asparagus (I like it with a little bit of lemon juice, and some garlicky seasoning.)
Mac & Cheese (With some extra cheese please!)
Fried potatoes and onions (Rob really likes when I cook those. Naomi loves the onions!)
Potato salad (Just a small thing of it. I’m sure I’ll mostly eat that.)
‘Angle’ eggs (Rob does those. I love when he comes in the kitchen with me, it’s cute. He leaves me with all the mess though. Haha!!)
Hawiin Rolls (Them thangs are like crack!)
Back in the day I would have me a little ham. But I don’t eat beef or pork anymore, and I’ve taken noticed in the past years since Rob and me have been married, that he doesn’t eat ham much. He flocks to turkey more, I’ve noticed. So, that’s that. But fried chicken, ham, and potato salad was my jam!
I’m not too sure what the ‘sweet tooth’ corner will look like. I kind of sorta let Rob handle that. Last year I made a bomb tail strawberry cake. I ain’t fooling with that this year. No way! I gained like 7-8 pounds from that cake. But I was thinking, that Rob could make pancakes. Listen, Rob makes thee best pancakes ever! EVER! So, I’m thinking pancakes with butter pecan ice cream on top. I call this dessert, “Him.”
Beverages are from A-Z! And yes, I will be making Kool-Aid! We drinks (No typo.) that round here! I am going to throw down for Christmas! I’ve been working out, and drinking water for days, all day. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love me some water. Water is my automatic go to! But when you put yourself in a position when that’s all you drink. Lawd! I cannot wait for the 25th honey!! Before I know it, it’ll be the day after Christmas! But guess what?! I’ll be eating until 11:59! The only way I won’t be eating at 11:59 is if I’m sleep, and I doubt that.
I hope everyone has an amazing holiday!! I miss my family and friends sooo much! Trust and believe we’ll be holding it down in California. #WestSide
For three years we lived on the North Pole, (Cleveland, Ohio.) where all the snow and cold weather is! Now, we’re here in Cali and I’m like dang if only I could grill. We’d have Christmas dinner outside. Haha!
Merry Christmas!