Cute Drinks & Happy Feelings! (DITL+SAHM)

Hey Chile!! So what’s been going on with you? How have you been feeling lately?

We’ll for me it’s been the same oh same oh. (#SAHMLife) Ya know, everyday is busy and hectic but yet smooth sailing just like yesterday and the day before that. (Pretty much the same thang but different day around here. With a twist depending on the day!) But then some days it’s a drag and I just feel...blah. You know those days when nothing is wrong but everything is wrong? What’s the saying? ‘Waking up on the wrong side of the bed.’ Chile, I cannot stand those days. They’re rare, but when it’s one of those days. Oh it’s one of those days. And I feel like I’m in a fight all day long.??

I don’t know about you, but I don’t do funks baby. I will fight with all my might to get out of one. I sure do. Now, I ain’t saying it’s easy. But those days of throwing pity parties are ova fuh me. I don’t have time nor do I make time to be feeling sorry fuh myself about thangs I don’t even know what I’m feeling sorry fuh. Just know the devil don’t play fair and he will eat away at your mind. (If you allow him too!) I ain’t got time to be consumed with his tricks all up in my thoughts. It’s too much laundry to fold and fixing snacks to be caught up by the enemy Chile. You know what I’m saying? And if you let him stay there long enough ain’t no telling the thangs he fitna put you through.

Chile, I gets to praying out loud! It will sound like first Sunday up in here. I will turn on gospel music, a motivational podcast, or even a funny, realistic, relatable, stay at home mom, military wife life Youtube channel. Regardless of what and who it will have some prayer up in it! I will call up my husband, mommy, sister n law, or homegirl to get right. My daughters don’t have nothing to do with my bad morning. And they don’t deserve the raft of my emotions. No, I am not a perfect person. Which means that I am not a perfect parent. But I refuse to use that as an excuse to be walking around here haywire. Because when you know better, you do better. And Chile, I know better. I refuse to take my anger out on my girls. ?The devil won’t win that easy honey.

So, it is adamant and necessary that I gets it together before they get out of bed. I don’t hide the fact that I’m having a bad day eitha. I don’t try and play tough. If I feel like crying, you gone get these tears! I don’t know who came up with the idea that crying is a weakness. But it is a essential fuh me. So, I’m gone call up somebody and we gone get me right together.☎️

Side bar real quick. The fact that I have been subjected to misplaced anger. I don’t ever want to subject my girls to that, eva! Because my problems ain’t their problem. What’s the saying, ‘leave it at the door.’ Chile, I leaves it at the doe. (Door.) I don’t fake perfect with my churin. We up in here all day together and lying ain’t gone suffice. Once I get grounded in my emotions. I will tell them both.” Mommy isn’t having the best day. But it has nothing at all to do with you. Matter of fact, my day is better because of you. You make me happy. You make me laugh and smile. And I am thankful for you.” These are the moments I want my girls to take with them as they grow into women. I want them to know that momma ain’t always have it together. But most importantly I want them to know how I handled those moments. Everything is a teaching moment. That’s why I’m so exhausted sometimes before bed because I’m just mentally spent. Whew Chile. Thank God for Jesus ain’t it? Oh yeah, I am quick to apologize too! That is important, very.

**Chile, I done dipped out and started making tacos. (It’s ‘Taco Tuesday’ every Tuesday round here. We will tear up some tacos.) ???

But look, I done said all that to just say this. Get you some cute thangs Chile. You’d be surprised what a cute, fruity drink can do for you. You’d be surprised what a fresh, cold glass of lemon water will do for your soul Chile!! I’m tryna tell you. Get you some metal straws! I’m a advocate for simple pleasures. If you enjoy coffee. Get you some cute coffee mugs! Light some candles. Get a diffuser. Listen to a funny and/or motivating podcasts. Heck! Go for a walk. It will change ya life! And ya mood!


Now I gots tuh go. I gots to go slice and dice this onion for these tacos Chile.

Keep ya head up!?

Talk soon.?


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