DO NOT let them folk define you!


“Don’t devalue yourself just because someone else didn’t recognize your value.”

Folk will try and bring you down to their level! Forget them! I’m telling you, forget them! Do not surround yourself with people who can’t respect you even if they don’t understand it. What something means to you, it means to you! and regardless of what! you are entitled to that! Whether it be something small or large! NO ONE HAS TO LIKE IT FOR YOU TO LOVE IT!! DO YOU BOO!! THEY WILL DOUBT YOU IN THE BEGINNING AND THEN TRY AND BE LIKE YOU IN THE END! Folks a trip ain’t they!?

Follow your dreams! Write them down and check them off along the way. I don’t care if you trying to learn how to beat an egg so you can scramble it! If that is what you desire to do today! DO IT!

Don’t ever let anyone tell you who you are! MMM..K! Listen to me! I can’t do a lick of hair; I have always paid to get it done! I just wasn’t blessed with that talent! I have accepted that! My practice wasn’t perfect baby! I will forever and always shout out those who can do the dang thang though! But I will tell you this when I wash this here hair of mines you can’t tell me that I ain’t working in someones top notch salon with a cosmology license! When I stand in my bathroom applying makeup to my face you can’t tell me I’m not a licensed makeup artist and the MAC counter hunny! When I’m in the shower singing my tail off you can’t tell me I will never make it on Sundays Best!! I AM WHO I SAY I AM!!

Don’t you ever let someone devalue you and you believe them!

If you didn’t know I’m here to tell you they a hata!! People will follow your dreams with you when that’s all it is, a dream.

But baby! When that dream of yours starts coming to the fore front of your life they will be the last folks to support you!

If I never found that out before, I’m finding it out now in the blessings of my own website! I’ll just leave that here! (Chuckles)

But you keep smiling! Because it will be the people that are the closets to you that will hurt you the most! Family, Friends, ya them folk! But I’m going to tell you what you do. You pray for them, you smile when you speak to them, and you keep it moving! It’s not being phony! It’s called not having time for their issues! Don’t be nasty, because that will make you just like them!

The true character in you is when you can speak good things, wish good things, pray good things over someone you hates you.

I’m Just Saying…

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