Don’t YOU Dare…

God always gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers”

The devil may win the battle, but he will not win the war!

Don’t you dare give up!!!

Walk by Faith and not by Sight, I promise you if your’e reading this and your’e going through something it will not be like this always. Pinky promise! Life is tough my darling, but guess what! So are you!

Hold your head high! Do your hear me?! Don’t you worry your pretty little head  because trouble has come your way. God is to honest to make mistakes!

The devil thought he caught you slipping with your head down (I know) until you looked up and said, amen!

You be encouraged my love, knowing that everything will be alright! Go look in a mirror, I dont care if its the bathroom mirror, hallway miror, or rearview mirror, YOU TELL YOURSELF RIGHT NOW! I’ll keep holding on!! Say it louder because you know the devil is stubborn!

Tell the devil, “shew fly don’t bother me”

I’m Just Saying…

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