Stop entertaining, dealing with, putting up with, and/or staying with, people, places, and things that do not feed you. Stop placing yourself in situations with people who you know are ineffective to you, and then blaming them.

Stop underfunding yourself, but expecting people to overfund you!

You ever listen to some folk whine and complain about this, that, and the third? But they’re part of the problem?!

Can we say, self awareness. Oooo, self awareness is sucky at its best. But the day I learned to start evaluating myself, I learned how to treat people, and how I wanted to be treated. It’s a need to get to know yourself before you want to get to know people. I ain’t perfect now! God knows I’m a work in progress everyday! But being that I can call out my own flaws and dysfunctions is a true blessing to me. Nothing changes if nothing changes!

Self•awareness- an awarness of one’s own personality or individuality.

Lets just keep this short, sweet, and simple!

Stop majoring in minor things!

I’m Just Saying…



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