first true love

I’m just a little bit late, okay maybe alot late, its dang Thursday!

However, I will still like to take the time out to say Happy Father’s Day! We all know that Father’s Day doesn’t get as much recognition as Mother’s Day does, but in my family it’s all one in the same.

What a special day it was for my husband. It was a pretty great day for me too. Just witnessing the love that Rob has for our daughter is so beautiful. That little girl is every remedy for that man I can promise you that.

Being a Daddy’s Girl is definitley a relationship that I know everything about. You always feel like a princess. I never thought in a million years I would have what my mommy has with my daddy. My life is so filled with joy, and being able to see the love that Rob gives Naomi is so amazing to me. I’m so honored to God to feel what I feel.

Creating a child takes no love or skill but being a parent requires alot of both. I couldn’t imagine sharing a child with any other man on Gods green earth. Your hall of fame is in my book baby.

When you became my husband, you blew my mind. Your respect, loyalty, honesty, and genuine love is so rare they swear men like you don’t exist anymore. But when I saw you become a father to our daughter, I became lost for words. You impress me, every single moment of the day the way you provide and protect this family. I am so proud of you.

A daughters first true love is her daddy.

I love you, we love you.


Your Ladies


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