This here is for someone!

It is a lot of unhappy people in this world. And for real, some people’s unhappiness I don’t bat a lash at. Now, for those who have had life happen to them is a horse of a different color and a whole other type of cry. But if you’re the problem to the problem(s) in your life and all you do is complain, I ain’t got nothing for ya. I mean what do you want me to do?  Do you know people like this in ya life? I’m sure we all know folks like this. Whether they affect us or not. It’s always that one moping around, crying, whining, and complaining about thing(s) they brought upon themselves. Chile, you better start ducking and dodging them type of folks. They draining.

(Clears throat.)

I will no longer feel guilty for being happy.✔️

Let me say it juuuuust a little bit louder for the people in the back ?


Let me write it down for the folks who hear me but ain’t listening.


Now, let me show you if you ain’t trying to listen either.

Moving on….

Listen, I know people who have been through some real life stuff and have more peace than peace itself. That’s because they know the hell they have been through….BUT GOD!!! Meanwhile, you have plenty of folks out here putting themselves through hell, and mad at everyone else for it. Understand the difference between the two. Having a problem and being the problem! 

I have tasted snot, drowning in tears from being unhappy. I used to feel like everything I touched crumbled. I was tired of this. Fed up with that. There were times when I hated to wake up. (Oh how I dreaded the day ahead.) Another day feeling some type of way, about something or somebody. I have stayed up all night crying. No rest. No sleep. My soul sooo restless.  I have walked through the church doors pleading on bended knees literally. So crammed with anger. So damaged by hurt. Dissheveled with disappointment. Immense amounts of frustration. Overflowing with distraught from loneliness. You name it, I was it.

You ever been so hurt? That you can’t even explain it?

What did Brandy say? “Have You Ever?


Trust me! You’re preaching to the choir! I have paid my dues. I always pray. I pray about numerous things, for numerous people. I pray that whatever life throws at me, I will be equipped for it through Gods grace and mercy. I have paid my dues. I have had some high highs in life. I’ve also had some low lows. I do not think I’m better than anyone. I do not think I am perfect. I’m just trying to be a better April than I was yesterday. I have come way to far to stay the same. I’m so over people saying, “You don’t understand.” Tuh! You don’t know my life! If you did, for real for real, you’d know better. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. All I know is right now, I am happy. There are a number of things I could be worried about. Worry about. But for what? For what? What good is that going to do? These days, I’m soaking up my blessings. Even the tiniest ones. I used to be in a place where I fely like nothing could make me happy, nothing. I always yearned for something more. #Ungrateful. So busy pressing for more all the time, I didn’t take the time to soak up all I’ve already asked for and received.

God is good. Even in the darkest moments ?.

I’m happy! I am happy and I will not feel bad about it. The same way God giveth, God can taketh. I want to receive what He has given me. And I’m fitting to receive this here happy!

If ya happy and ya know it. Clap-ya-hands!!

Happiness is a perspective.

My cousin and I were talking the other morning about how far we’ve come in life. STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM BOW WE HERE. Mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, ya know stuff like that. (I’m so proud of her.) She mentioned something’s that, “Made her feel some type of way.” About people feeling some type of way about what she has. Mind you, these are folks that are supposed to love her. So they say! Ya know what I’m saying? Folks will try and make you feel guilty for having what you have. Wondering how you got it. Some folks probably even question, “Why her.” Don’t allow folks to make you feel any type of way for working hard and putting your best foot forward.


I’m Just Saying….





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  1. I love your post!!! Continue to glow in happiness, I love how God has prospered you and your family!! Remember states away always sisters I love you and I mean it to the moon and back!

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