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Hey love bugs!!!! So! How was your day? I pray anything that needed to get done on your To-Do List got done today. And if not, don’t be too hard on yourself! Just make sure tomorrow you put forth a little more effort.

It’s pretty late right now. I have a full To-Do List, and I didn’t get no where near as much as I wanted to get done today. *Sigh* Ya know, being a female and all I get that visitor once a month. She comes over and hangs out with me for a couple of days. Oh! Her name? I’m so sorry!!! How rude! Her name is Mother Nature! I mean she’s not toooo bad. But when she comes she always has her hands full at the door. I be like, GIRL!!! I be tripping because every time she comes, she brings bloating, cramps, and laziness for sure. I just feel blah. I really don’t be feeling up to having much company, buuuuut she insists on staying!!! So, ya know! I let her hang for awhile. When she does come by I just like to cuddle with my cheetah print blanket and hot tea. I would prefer chocolate……buuuuuut those who know me already know, I stay on this up and down health kick. And since I ate so bad the week after the USMC BALL (Oh wow!!! I have got to share that with you too, it’s never too late to share a good time.!) I’ve decided I have got to do good, until Thanksgiving Day that is. So I just settled for peach hot tea. Which was fine. It was relaxing and it taste really good. I didn’t add sugar, so I’m glad the peach flavor was pretty strong. However, I’m kicking myself in the tail for not pushing to do what needed to be done today. Tuesday is just gonna have to be my Monday this week. It’s important to me to start off my week really productive! It sets the tone for the rest of the week! Monday could almost be my favorite day of the week honestly. TOP OF THE WEEK! But I guess a hater would say, “Monday would be my favorite part of the week too, if I was a stay at home mom.” Yeah! Yeah! Whatever! I’ve heard it all before. *Hahahaha, I think it’s funny myself!*

Anywho, let me share something with you really quick. In all truth I kept going back and forth about whether I would say something or not. AND GOD KNOWS I HAVE DEFINITLEY GAINED ALOT OF SELF-CONTROL OVER THE PAST TWO YEARS. I’ve really grown up a lot. Glory be to God. *Smiling* I have learned to be slow to speak, and quick to listen!!!! It doesn’t always seem like it. I love to talk. BUT THINGS THAT ARE MINOR I DON’T MAKE MAJOR! Same as people. AND ITS BEEN WORKING FOR ME WELL IN HAZARDOUS SITUATIONS! Meaning situations that are questionable, or that you know are gonna go left before it even starts. I use up a lot of energy in 24 hours, mainly on Naomi so I chose what to entertain wisely. God has truely taught me how to use my tongue too. And when I first saw what I saw today I initially smiled and wanted to say, “Awwww, thank you.” And then I thought….hold up. This is not settling well. And we all know everything that looks good, ain’t always good! I wanted to say a few chose words but then I thought to myself again, and I said, nope! I’m not doing it! I’m not going to entertain the devil. I’m on a new level! Wife, mom, I represent more than just myself these days. Any situation I find myself in, I don’t want to just walk away proud, but I want my daughter and my husband to be just as proud too. And yes! I do care what my daughter and my husband think of me, very much so. Anyways, *clears throat*  what do you think about this…..

“Though I’m probably the last person you would want, or even expect to hear from. I’m extremely proud of you. You’ve come a long way, and I know it’s been a couple years, just know that even me, somebody not in the picture notices your growth and progress. Never got a chance to tell you, congrats on your baby girl, she’s perfect! You and Jones compliment each other well too, (the anonymous person then inserts 2 emoji’s.) Ask no questions please, I know it’s random and confusing, just believe it, and keep  being great! Wish you the very very best, you deserve it, take care. 

Now! Some of you probably read that and said, “Awwww” or, “that was sweet” BUT! This is what I say!!! MISS ME WITH THAT MESS PLEASE! Let me make myself very very clear. If this PERSON! THIS COWARD was really sincere about the compliments they gave me, they would have no problem at all letting me know who they are! Straight up! And I stand by that whole heartedly! If I took the time out of my day to write that supposedly thoughtful message to only remain silent about who I am, than what am I really doing it for? What’s the real motive  behind it? It holds no weight or value! I have many reasons to believe it’s a male then sometimes I’m sure it’s a female. If it’s a male, you would probably say you remained unknown because I’m married and you didn’t want to start anything! Welllll ummmmm….if I’m married than why are you messaging me PERIOD! And if it was a female, I’ll tell her to grow some balls next time she chooses to reach out to me. Either way! Stay away!! I don’t receive your compliments! And for the record I’m not appeased nor flattered! I’m sure if you messaged me on Instagram with your kind words, I’m very sure you’ve been reading my blogs as well!!!! So if you wanted some type of attention, you got it!

And the audacity of YOU to tell me “ask no questions please” after you took the time out TO MESSAGE ME to say all that and not make it clear who you’re is quit pathetic to me. If I felt that much love and respect for someone I would not coward behind my words and not let them know who I am! This is not a situation that made me mad, but I am not fond of the message AT ALL!!!  Even though my walk with God is a struggle with different test that come and go, big or small. I will always be bold and raw, BUT respectful in how I feel or react to something that has to do with me and my family. This person mentioned my husband and daughter very briefly! And everything that was said was nice, yes. BUT STAY OFF MY PAGE WITH YOUR NICE SELF! I don’t like stuff going down in my DM! That is not a good way to expect me to be passing out, Oooo’s, Awww’s, or Thank You’s. AND WHOEVER YOU ARE, IF YOU REALLY KNOW ME YOU’D KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THAT THAT WAS NOT A GOOD MOVE. That message was a joke! WHOEVER YOU ARE, I’LL CHARGE IT TO YOUR HEAD AND NOT YOUR HEAT. But please, if you have anything else to say, please keep it to yourself unless you show yourself!  And I promise you, I am not trying to be harsh nor disrespectful. BUT!! You’re gonna have to do better than that if you’re talking to me. Who the heck is CraigBrown37 anyways. *Hahaha* Did you actually take time to make that page? The limits people go! Thank you Jesus for wisdom and discernment! I pray every night for God to block anything that people say negative about myself or my family. And although the message was not negative, it wasn’t sincere. In my eyes the steps this PERSON took to reach out was lame, wack, underhanded and pointless. Like, WHO ARE YOU!! Did you really think you were doing something nice? I don’t expect everyone to be like me, no. But I honestly know if I felt that strong about someone and how proud I am of them and their growth, I wouldn’t go about it that way. I’m sorry, (not really) I can’t take YOU seriously. Not to mention they said, “even me” in the message! *i literally laughed!* ME WHO? WHO ARE YOU????

Sooooo, that was something that occurred on this beautiful Monday. I didn’t care to mention it to my husband when we spoke throughout the day. But I did show him the message once he settled in from work. I’m very positive he wasn’t flattered. The message and what was said was sweet, I must say, but the deliverance……

Enough of that foolishness though….No lingering around on mess!

Alright, it’s pretty late now. I think I’m going to read a couple chapters in a book I just started last week! I’m excited! I love a good book!

I pray everyone enjoys the rest of the week. Have a BLESSED & safe holiday. And definitley eat too much!  *Hahaha.*

Lord Jesus, protect me from the things I can’t see….

I’m Just Saying….

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  1. Hi April! Im IN LOVE WITH YOUR BLOGS! Keep up the good work hunni you definitely have my support! SUCH INSPIRATION!!

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