Grocery Shopping (? ??? ?? ??? ????!)

Chile I went to the commissary ALONE!! If ya know, ya know. (SAHM.) You talking about moving fast. Chile I kissed my love bugs see you later and I was gone! I got up in my car. I didn’t have to buckle a seat belt or nothing! I turned my music up to the max! I mean, all thee way up. (Yes, I said, thee.) I hit Summer Walker on my Pandora and put the car in drive and took off! Chile, I was singing like I was fresh out of a breakup and turning around sanging like it was my wedding day. I was jamming!

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So yeah, I’ve been trying out some new thangs here and there. And today I was really able to take my time while shopping. I actually took the time out to read labels, Google, I was even on TikTok, yeah all that. Here, have a looksy! ??

Sooo I haven’t eaten beef since 2016, yeah Chile. And let me tell you, beef was my all time favorite. I mean I ate a steak every other day it seemed like. Cheese burgers were a regular, smegular thang. Whether it was a homemade cheese burger or Car Side, To-Go at somebody’s restaurant. Carne asada street tacos with onions and cilantro. Yummy!

I really enjoyed my trip to the commissary without the girls. I took take my time and scrolled the aisles without rushing.

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So if ya don’t know, I am a serious salad lover. I love me a salad Chile. So I racked up on my salad goodies. A must! My girls enjoy salads too. Especially my oldest. And Chile she doesn’t even want any dressing on her salad.Yep. No dressing. That girl will eat her salad bone dry.

This is my new fav right here!

It poured down raining but, I really did enjoy my time out grocery shopping alone without the girls, or husbae. A lot of times we go grocery shopping as a family. (I love it.) But on today, Chile I wanted me some hush time. Some me time!

When I came out the grocery store with a cart full of groceries, Chile it was pouring down raining. But you know what, I didn’t even trip. You know why? Because I didn’t have the girls. A little bit of rain ain’t neva hurt nobody. Even though I did just do a wash and go and my bun was a none by the time I got the groceries loaded in the car. I was soaked! But even still, I took the ‘back way’ home while I jammed it out before I pulled up to the house.

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Either way, I still enjoyed my outing out alone. If you know me you know it’s the simple pleasures in life fuh. Don’t take the small thangs in life for granted Chile.

Talk soon.?


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