You’re my sunshine. My only sunshine. You make me hap-py. When skies are gray. You’ll never know just, how much I love you. Please don’t take, my sunshine away.

Naomi. Naomi. Naomi. Literally, my pride and my joy!!! I love this girl more than life itself. And I love, love, LOVE being a “Mum.” It the hardest job I’ve ever done. But God knows its the most rewarding. I wouldn’t change if for nothing in this world. Nothing can amount to the joy of having a child. I want more. I’m such an emotional mommy. Let me just get to it.

Let me see, where do I start with this little peanut? Naomi is everything that shimmers and shines! She’s sooo sassy and full of spunk. She’s bubbly and funny. I promise you that there is not a day that goes by that I do not laugh. And I owe that to Her. She’s so smart. Her knowledge is mind blowing. Each day it’s something new. She never ceases to amaze me. Naomi can be just a little bossy. Okay, well, maybe a lot of bossy. But she’s also sensitive. She is quick to let you know when she means something. But she is also as quick to fix anything when she knows she is wrong. She’s a hugger and a cuddlier. And between her Dada and me, we received more than 100 kisses a day.

Her love for animals makes me smile inside out. She absolutely loves dogs. She can see a dog in person, on television, in a book, coloring book, or even a band aid and she will scream with a excitement, “Dog, dog, roof, roof!” I absolutely love it. She sees a cat anywhere and starts meowing. (Sounds crazy, cute.) She hasn’t said cat yet, but you best believe she knows what one is. She recently learned, “Biiiird” a few weeks back. She loves to see them land and then fly. It’s funny because it’s a lot of geese where we stay from the little ponds we live by. The geese always hang and slow poke around. Well, Naomi loves them. Me honestly, not so much. She sees them and yells, “Bird, biiiiird.” While pointing at them at the same time. Now, I haven’t broken down the bird family to Her yet, but heck a geese is a bird. And I am more then proud of Her for knowing so. Now just the other day she came in contact with ants, and she was in awh about it. “Ooooo-oooo.” I told Her that it was an ant, and ants are bugs. So while reading one of Her favorite books, “Elmo and Friends, First Look and Find.” We love it. Well, she saw some lady bugs on one of the pages and yelled, “Bug, bug, bug!” When I tell you I could have jumped out of my skin due too so much excitement. Listen, words, words, will never explain how proud I am of my daughter. She is a fast learner. I feel like she adjust pretty well to situations, ya know being a military kiddo. She just goes with the flow. She is the whole world. And I would walk every corner of it for Her if I have too.  

Her favorite foods are, tomatoes with juuuust a wittle bit of garlic powder on them. Cucumbers with a wittle bit of salt. AND HOME GIRL LOVES HER SOME CHEESE!!!! Praise God she eats a lot of veggies and fruits because the fear of getting constipated lives in me when it comes to that. (Have you ever been constipated? Then you know.) I do believe a few cups of apple juice helps with that too. She is a chip eater for sure. She loves ruffled potato chips and ranch dip. I just learned that she has a thing for pickles too. “Paw-Paw” is not feeling that. (Hahaaha, my Diddy can’t stand pickles.) Strawberries and grapes are Her jam. And who doesn’t love chicken. Watch out for Her now, she will tear a chicken leg up. I have to get the bone from Her or she will eat that up too. We fight with each other when it comes to that. I may be missing a few things. But I do know she loves Her DaDa’s scrambled eggs!! Oh my gosh, my boiled eggs aren’t good enough for Her anymore. But whatever, to Her, I am not match to DaDa when it comes to certain things with Her Dada, and the the same for me. That’s alright, she’s always going to be Mamas baby. I know she’s a Daddy’s Girl. Dada is a huge play toy. Me, not so much, not on the level Her Dada is on. (Rob will let Naomi climb and beat on him like he stole something.)

Who knows Sid the Science Kid? Well let me tell you who knows every line and song. ME!!!! That’s right. Naomi watches that show everyday of Her life. That little lady watches 30 minutes every morning and then and hour before bed. It’s so cute and smart of Her to know that she is about to watch him when she sees, Netflix on the TV screen. I promise you first thing in the morning she passes out kisses, and asks for Sid. “Sid? Sid? Sid?” He is a pretty cool dude though. And not only does he teach Her a lot, but hey, I have learned a few things myself. (Tee-hee.) What do you know, right?

Her love for the out doors keeps me motivated on the many miles I walk a day. Some days we do as many as 10 miles a day, no less then 5. She is getting pushed mostly, so she is rarely as tired as I am. We sometimes go and have a little picnic and color, or pick grass. That too is something new. “Gaaaaas.” She leaves the “R” out. But we’re going to get there soon. Oh yes, I forgot! How could I forget? So Naomi is saying, “Seriously.” It is soooo stanking cute. The amazing part about it  is that she uses it in the right context. I have to check Her sometimes though. I told Her, “No”, the other day when she wanted something (I think it was candy. That’s a every so often pleasure. I don’t let that little lady just eat sugar all day.) and she looked right at me and said, “Seriously?” Yes, seriously! Little gal. She is a mess. I had to hold my laugh and amazement in though. But I was shocked! Deep down I was like, what you say?! That little person has been my bundle of joy since I found out I was pregnant with Her.

Her laugh. Her smile. Her little teeth. Her little finger. Her little toes. Every being of Her gives me life inside and out. By the way, she loves getting Her toes polished. She will actually sit there and let me do them with no problem. She just doesn’t get the concept of letting them dry. So I mostly do them while she is asleep. Now, as far as Her hair. Most of the time she is pretty cool. Sometimes she whines like I’m sticking pins in Her hair. But she always sits still. So overall, she does good. BUT!!!!! When Rob combs Her hair she sits there like she is in a salon, cool as a cucumber. Now! What is that about? You see what I’m saying.

I wish I could share all the perfect in and outs of Naomi, about Her love and life, but I’ll literally be writing all day. For those mommy’s out there you know when the baby is sleep, either you sleep, or take care of all the things you can take care of in peace.


God Bless you.

And Naomi baby, Mum loves you Sweet Pea. xoxo 



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