Hey!! Get Into This Workout Chile!!!!

Hey Chile!!
Ok, real quick! I want to share with you my Monday-Friday workout routine. I have seen results already, and I’ve been doing this for, for 4 weeks now. I’m not in the business of losing weight, but inches. I want to tone up ya know. I done lost all the weight and got stagnate. Stella had to get ha groove back honey. (HaHa.) Not that groove. That groove is just fine Chile. (Tee-Hee.) So, yeah. I really enjoy working out. I have more energy. I sleep like a freaking rock. And plus, I love the results! I just, I just feel goodt. I started off slow and worked my way up. In all truth, I just couldn’t get back into the groove of working out since we’ve moved. Now! Ya girl is up every morning at 6 o’clock! I get Naomi out the bed before 7:30 a.m. and we be out. My ‘patna’!! I lost inches in my waist and boobs!! My large leggings have plenty of space around the waist. (Turns around in the mirror, okay!) And Chile! I was a hefty 38 DDD. That’s right. You ain’t gots to reread it. I said, 38 DDD. My poor back. I’ve been thinking about a breast reduction hard. I want one. But I gots to give birth to some more best friends first. Anyways, I went and got sized again at Vicky Secrets, and I done lost some fat in the boobs 34 DDD. Look at God and two gallons of water a day! WATER IS KEY!! FIRST AND FOREMOST!! I naturally am I water drinker, so, it’s not an issue for me. I know some folk are different. But I’m telling you, you better throw away ya fake friends and make water ya best friend. Get you some lemon. Shoot.
You do not have to go to the gym to get you a good ole workout in!
FIRST THING FIRST, PRAY. Working out can be hard, especially if you’re making it a lifestyle. Don’t ever doubt what God can do. Even if you’re just praying to get through one more push up!
TWO! Chile, please get you some saran wrap! OKAY!!! Wrap yourself up! SUCK IT IN and get the wrapping. Then put that waist trainer on top of that saran wrap. Got it?
Make sure you’re wrapped up all good and what not now. Now make sure you’re comfortable. Don’t be foolish now Chile. Don’t wrap yaself up so dang tight that you can’t breathe. You know I had to write that, cause it’s always that one person. You won’t be telling your friend I told you to go and suffocate yaself.
Make sure you got ya water. Don’t forget the snacks for the kid or kiddos if he, she, or they gots to come along.
After I get Naomi and me situated, I do a 2-3 mile walk. I never do less than 2 miles and never over 4 miles. (Depending on the day Naomi and me may do an extra mile.)
Once you get back home, try not to take too much of a break ok.
Usually when we get back in, Naomi is exhausted from the ride, the sun, and the playground. So, thank God for Jesus, I can catch a break and do what I go to do real quick. Because at this point I’m ready to shower because I’m soaked from the walk.
I have a mat, 5-pound and 10-pound weights. I also have dumb bell that I use mostly, if not only when I’m doing my squats. (I am also doing a squat challenge on top of my regular, daily workout.)

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