Hey! Girl! Hey!


Okay so guess what Naomi is doing now?! It’s the cutest thing ever!! It soooo cute! So cute!!! OOOOh, it just melts my heart. It makes me smile. I’m such a proud mommy! Naomi is so smart! Baby genius! With her cute 7 month self!!

Okay, Okay I’ll tell you! Naomi is waving hello! She just be waving that right hand smiling, its soooo cute! Rob taught her how to wave and I thought it was just a fluke last Sunday when she kept waving at people all day whenever they came up and said something to her while we were out on our little family outings. It was the most precious thing! It’s like she just knows oh, its people they said hey so let me wave.

So this past Monday Naomi, Bree (really good friend of mine.) and I went to SAMS CLUB to pick up a few things for “girls night” coming up and as soon as we walked in, the door greeters’ were all over her and Naomi was waving her cute little butt off like she was in a parade riding on the back of a convertible. In reality I’m just pushing her in the cart while she  set in her car seat with her little pink hat on just waving. It was a camera moment for sure but she really caught me off guard when she did that. I will never forget that day as long as I live I promise you I won’t.

Naomi gives me so much life and when I tell you that there is NOT a day that goes by, not even hours that I don’t thank God for this gift that He has given me. Naomi and I do everything together and I don’t mind not even a little bit! I have had some fun in my past life I really really have, but there is nothing at all that would ever allow me to want to go back to erase what I have now in being a mother to Naomi!

She is a true beauty and I am thankful.

Who would ever think that a hand wave would make you feel like you just won the mega million! She’s just so darn cute! I just love her life.

So now Naomi is just waving all the time at people who show her attention. Even when someone calls and I put them on speaker phone and they say to me “hey girl” she will wave. (Haahaha) Yesterday my mommy called me and I had her on speaker and as soon as my mom said, “hey girl what ya’ll doing?” Naomi was just waving and smiling! I told my mom what she was doing and we just laughed!

This is one of the latest things my little sweet pea is doing and I just thought it was so precious so I had to share with you!

I love you my little cute waver!



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