Howdy Ho!!

Hey Chile!
Happy Monday!! I pray that your day was well and productive. It’s nothing like a productive Monday, right?
I got up early (What else is new?!) and did my little morning thang. Ya know, brush teeth, face mask, etc. Naomi was awake, but she just laid in her bed. ‘Little Bit’ was still tired. We be up early Chile. Shoot! You got to be. I told you it be like 85 degrees at 9 o’clock in the morning! I be like, ‘What in the world!!’ Lawd Chile.
Today Naomi and I did over three miles! We went a new route today Chile. We got fancy! Naomi played at the playgrounds and what not. That lady be having a ball. I love it, her little self. We finished up our workout at the track. I saw a couple out there working out together with their little baby. Super cute! Her hubby wasn’t cutting her any slack either. Naomi and I did our 2 miles there and headed on home. We are tanned already and it’s not even June yet.
I be on the struggle bus some mornings though, but most mornings I’m good. I’m an early bird anyways, so.
So, question! How’s 2018 been so far for you? We are, what, five months in the year. What have you done differently? Did you change what you said you would change? Have you done what you said you will do?
Are you still talking the same talk as last year? Ya know, walking the same walk?
Have you taken ownership of all the things you wanted in 2017 for 2018?
I’ve gotten quit a few things done this year, if I do say so myself.
I wanted to make a few changes in some areas of my life, and yeah, I’m so proud of me!
Consistency is truly key.
However, I don’t ever get to comfortable. I know that there is plenty more work to do!
I’ve been trying to really get into a routine for months now, and finally. Each day I get better. I’m going to start back making my smoothies too. My homegirl makes the best smoothies. Chile needs to open up a smoothie shop. I ain’t lying.
Side bar:
Have you ever set back and thought about all the people you have met in ya life? Even if it was just one time. At a party. At a meeting.
One of my friends that I met back in 2012-2013 just got back in contact with me this past weekend. I received a text message, I believe it was Friday that said, “April??” I was looking all crossed at my phone like, ‘Oh heck no.’ You know what I was thinking right?
The area code was 919, and for those who know me on a personal level remember that 919 number. So, I’m like, who can this be? I texted back Sunday like, “Who is this?”
I was so happy to find out who it was. I had been trying to get in contact with her forever ever. We had some good times together. We laughed a lot while we caught up at all the old memories we made together in good ole North Carolina. We had that small-town bumping and thumping. (Ha-ha.) That’s another marine corps base I’ll never forget.
My girl and I caught up with each other, and boy how things have changed. Our lives are so different now. She’s married. I’m married. She met me at her crazy. And she dang on sure met me at mines. The night we met I was doing something I had no business. *Clears throat*
It’s been four years since my life has changed, DRASTICALLY. Trust in the difference a day can make, okay.
It’s crazy, because when I was talking to my homegirl, I felt like I was meeting her all over again. I’m happy for her though. To know she is happy and living her best life to the best of her ability.
God knows we ain’t out her acting simple like we were the night we met. Ha-Ha!! Chile! I’m trying to tell you!! Talk about mess down bust down. It was all in love and fun. And thank you Jesus I never got locked up.
If Jesus ever asked me, did I want to know what He has blocked me from. I’d tell Him NO!! in a heart beat Chile. I don’t want to know. I’m too scared. I know he done kept me out the dirt.
Good times though.
Good times.
We used to party hard Chile.
Arguing, drinking, and having lots of sex. (Talking about Rob and me, haha. Did that come out wrong?)
There was a lot of laughs. And a lot of yelling!
Definitely a lot of yelling. For sure.
I learned a lot about myself in that time.
I used to haa— (Clears throat.) I used to strongly dislike all the craziness we went through. But now, it just makes a better story.
And our pillow talks be lit.
Talking to my girl brought up so many memories. She told me a few things that are new in the town. But overall, everything is just the same. I would love to visit there again for real, real,
Oh, my gosh.
I know sooo many emotions would come into play.
Just thinking about it gives me the goose bumps.
I don’t know if you think I’m tripping or not, but everything makes me feel when I feel.
It was good catching up with my girl. I really did miss her.
So yeah, that’s that right there.
I pray you have a blessed, fulfilled, and productive week!
Don’t let the devil have the last laugh.
I’m Just Saying….

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