Whew Chile! These last 8 days have been pleasantly uncomfortable due to having surgery on my mouth. Yep! My husband got my teeth fixed for my birthday. I spent every Thursday this month at the dentist office. No mo gap fuh me! Teeth cleaned. Wisdom teeth gone! That’s right. Today was officially my last appointment. They checked everything, top and bottom and then cleaned my teeth. They sent me off with a new tooth brush, Crest, and some dental floss. (Say cheese!) I have always been confident mostly. But my husband showed up and showed out fuh my 31st Chile. Mmhmm. He sholl did. (Hey handsome.)

So yeah, the fact that I had surgery last week and being on some high power medicine (as I call it) I was man down. Like, all the way down. Working out was a no go. I mean look at this! This is what I was eating!

And I really missed my smoothies. I mean, yeah, it said I could have one with a spoon, but I couldn’t have seeds. My favorite smoothies are loaded with seeds.

I really missed working out. Each day I felt like I was going to do something. Even just the bare minimum ya know. My husband was like, if you don’t go and lay your tail down somewhere! I have been on my fitness journey since March/April and to just stop for eight days straight was a damper more mentality I feel like than physically.

I’m so excited to be getting back to my routine and I am also going to give myself some sort of 4 week challenge to push myself just a tad bit more. Once I decide on the self challenge I will be sure to share with you Chile.

So this is day one! (Friday.) I know I am going to feel it. I know I will go to bed sore and wake up even sorer. That’s that hurt feel good. I love it.

She’s back!

Talk soon. ?

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