I Dare You To Wait

Wait for it! Wait on it!! Stop trying to fix God problems! I know. Trust me when I say, I know, I know. I know that when you want something you want it right now. You envision it and you want it to be yours right now. once that something is on your mind, you want it now. Trust me when I tell you I get it!

In the mist of the chaos. In the crossing of the storm. Where doubt is all around you. I dare you to wait. If you have read previous blog posts you know that the shower is one of my safe havens. I love a nice ole bubble bath, but it is something about the hot water hitting me. The shower is where I gets my praise on! I’ve shed so many tears in showers Chile. Everything that has true meaning to me in my life, I’ve had to wait for. Each waiting pain hits different. The last “wait list” I was on was when I was trying so hard to get pregnant and could not. I didn’t understand it. I mean, I really couldn’t fathom why it was so easy to get pregnant the first time and then boom, all these tests and doctor appointments trying to get pregnant again. One night I cried so hard in the shower after taking another negative pregnancy test. i was so angry! When I tell you I was spent emotionally. I was so exhausted. I cried in that shower and just begged and pleaded. I even questioned God, ‘Why? Why is this happening to me?’

This book sleeps on my nightstand. It feeds my soul. His Word. His promises.

Now when I say this, only some will truly understand. As I pleaded and cried in the time when I wanted something the most and it wasn’t happening ova and ova again. God said, I dare you to wait for it.

Man listen, it’s so easy to trust God when thangs are going good. But when you want something so bad and you have to wait for it it’s, it’s…

I don’t even have words. If ya know ya know. But the problem is we want thangs ova night. When I wanted to get married. I wanted to be married like yesterday. When I wanted to go to school. I wanted to graduate the next day. When I wanted another baby. I wanted to get pregnant that night. I don’t want to wait for a dog on thang Chile! You must know that when thangs don’t happen fast for you. That doesn’t mean that it’s not gonna happen at all. You just have to wait for it! Everything that I hold near and dear to me Chile I have had to wait for it! I mean, I have cried on my knees, on my face for it. I have fasted for it. Suffered for it. I’ve been alone waiting for it. I have stayed up in the wee hours of the night yearning for it.

I dare you to wait. I know it’s rough and tough sometimes Chile. And it’s easier said than done. But what else can you do? Trust Him.

I am praying for you.

God Bless.