I Got My Man Back!


Oh! My! Gosh! I am legit leaving Ohio tomorrow! Tomorrow!!!! AAYYYYYEEEE!!! Three years! We made it through USMC Recruiting Duty! For those who know! My God for those who know what that means, right!? Three years! Newly married, new parents, first home together, away from family and friends, on freaking recruiting duty. WOW! I give myself a hug!! I became a new person in a sense when I moved to Ohio. My life changed drastically! I moved, I got pregnant, I got married, I lost friends, I gained friends, I tried new things, and put aside old things. I know me. I know who April is. I know who I am now. I couldn’t always say that.

I moved for my bestfriend, the love of my life. I took a risk on love, and I love that I did! A certain part of me begun in Cleveland, Ohio, and even though Ohio will always be remembered for the duty that my husband had to do here, there will always be memories that are forever in Ohio. I got married in Columbus, Ohio, and I had my baby girl in Cleveland, Ohio. Wow! For those who know, know what that means to me.

What’s not said, is mistaken for, everything is alright. So untrue. It was rough sometimes, and it was lonely. My husbands exhausted, I’m worn out, the hours are dumb, stupid ridiculous, and the command, well, lets not go there. *Clears throat*

I’m so proud of my man! His handsome self in his dress blues. But I cant wait to see him do his thing in his cammies. It’s about to be a new ball game though, I’ve already heard, from him, and friends. I’m so excited though, I’m so ready for on base life. God is so good. I wanted to live on the West coast, ya know, see what that be like. And what do you know! California it is!!! There are things that I’ve done in Ohio that I’ve dreamed about. California is up next! I receive all the blessings with my name on it.

Any who, let me go in here and get the packing our things for our travels home. #Vacation. I just did my first load of laundry today, lets get this party started shall we. I’m so happy I got my husband back!




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