I Had A C-Section…Again!

It hurts to sit. It hurts to stand. It hurts to bend ova too. It hurts to cough. It hurts to sneeze. And oh God don’t make me laugh please!! It hurts to lay down. It hurts to sit up. I’m a complete happy mess! Ugh!

Chile I’m tryna tell ya this here is rough, tough, and then some. My husband had to bathe me the first three days after. All I could do was just stand there in the shower while he scrub a dub dubbed me. He has been absolutely amazing to me. I promise in the four years we’ve been married, the little things have made me fall in love even more. I don’t have to ask for nothing. He’s on it. “His ladies” he says. Once I get back just even a little right, I want to do something special for him. I want him to know he is more than appreciated around here. He put me in the car. Got me out the car. I’ve been leaning on him through this entire ordeal. Not just for the physical. But emotionally and mentally too. Big ups to you husband. I love you.

This C-section took me out! I had a C-section with my first born Naomi and let me tell you something, it was nothing compared to this one right here! I’m a mess down bust down Chile. I ain’t even gonna pretend. Now, I ain’t saying that my first C-section was a cake walk. No ma’am. But yeah, this one here tops the cake. Whew. This one here is off the charts. The only reason why I’m talking to you is because I can do it sitting down with about 7 or 8 pillows surrounding me, literally.
My guess is that this C-section did me in because it’s the second one. I got cut in the same place twice. (Ouch!) I mean that has to hurt. And two, this girl here, Eliana was 8lbs. and 9oz. Naomi was a small baby, 5lbs. and 9oz. I do feel like that makes a difference. Let me tell you something! When they said, “Alright Mrs.Jones. You’ll feel some pressure.” Baaaaby! Oh I felt the pressure!!! I know my husbands hand was numb. I was sooo relieved when they pulled her out.

Her cry. (Awww.)

My heart.

After my C-section I was shaking like a stripper on a hot Vegas Saturday night. Like, I couldn’t help it. It was weird to me. I didn’t experience that the first go around either. I wasn’t in any pain (YET.) I was still numb from the anesthesia. By the way, I absolutely loved my anesthesiologist! She’s the bomb.com. Honestly, everyone in the room was amazing. I was so scared! Forget being nervous. But they played a major part in making me feel more comfortable. Not to mention my husbands presence calmed my inner storm. Did I say how much I love him already? Teehee. Po thang walking around here like he hasn’t slept in a year. I’m sure that’s how he feels.

I’m not sure about some women. But I was starving like good ole Marvin after my C-section. Ya know, being you can’t eat past 12 midnight prior to having a C-section I’m sure plays a role in that. And me, juuust to be on the safe side I stop eating like 9:30 p.m.
My first meal was chicken quesadillas, mexi rice, and a fresh cup of cut up fruit in a bowl. I ate slow. I took my time, like I said, I can’t stand throwing up! But a bowl of jello wouldn’t vindicate my hunger pains.

Now, I’m sorry to get a little bit personal with you on this one. But just in case someone is curious about what I’m about to speak on, or may be going through it, or had it happened to them too. Just know you ain’t alone Chile. So, with Naomi I was extremely constipated after having her. Omg! Trying to use the bathroom and not being able to push down at all was worse than the C-section itself! No lie. I was in the bathroom sweating bullets. Ugh. The worse. If you’ve never been constipated then you have no idea. Between the surgery and pain meds I was done in. My doctor gave me stool softeners but they showed up just a little too late. Because when it was time to go I was holding on to the sides of the toilet!
Now, this go around I refused to go through that again. No ma’am. I can’t fade it. Constipation is no joke. I’m not talking about being backed up. I’m talking about real pain, mmmkay. So I was drinking water like silly. (I’m a big water drinker so it wasn’t hard.) You know those hospital cups? I was taking them down with that yummy ice by the hour consistently! But then I noticed I couldn’t pee. After all that water I was drinking and no urge to pee! Ugh oh! My nurse, Nicole (I love her. So sweet.) helped me to the bathroom once I got feeling in my legs again. She removed my catheter and set me on the toilet. She cleaned me up and told me to try and pee. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. She even turned the faucet on for me as I set there waiting. Still nothing. I started to get freaked out. I was like, oooh k. What is happening!? She said it’s something that happens after surgery to some patients. Well, Chile I wasn’t trying to be that patient! When she told me she would have to put another catheter in me in a hour if I didn’t pee because a full bladder against my uterus wasn’t a good thang. Now, when I got the first catheter put in I was numb from the anesthesia. So hey, whatever right. I couldn’t feel it. But this go around I would be wide awake! No! The thought makes my vagina hurt like right now! No lie. I was guzzling down water like I was in a contest!! And when I peed it was like a ocean came out of me. That kind of scared me too. But heck, better out than in. Shoot!

My anesthesiologist and the Commander “The Boss”
I will foreva remember these two! ♥️

Whew Chile! It has been a journey. And I’m still on it. I’m healing. I’m taking my time. And I’m soaking it all up and in. The house has that baby smell. Breast milk fills the air. My four year old and her sass along side our newborn babies cries and baby sounds warm my heart on a level I don’t even understand yet.

Just know I’m thankful. And God, yeah, God is real!

Naomi was so anxious to meet her little sister!

Eliana (God answered) Elise Jones ?

Mommy loves you.

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  1. This brought back so many memories from my c-section! We both have awesome husbands! Morris had to wash me too. Hugs and kisses to Eliana!

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