I mean, I’m Just Saying….

Just keep going.
Just keep pushing.
Just keep hoping.
Just keep praying.
Whatever you do, just keep going…
The older I get, the more I realize that you have got to march to the beat of your own drum. You have too. You cannot, should not, be trying to keep up with other folk, their opinions, and what they gots (No typo.) going on. Straight up! We say it all our lives, some of us, and still doing the same things. Umm…what really are you expecting at this point? May I ask? Stop doing what other folks want you to do. PERIOD! What do you want to do? Who do you want to be? Where do you want to go? How do you want to do it?
How many of you are living a life based on other people’s wants for you?? Go ahead! Shame the devil and tell the truth!
How many times a day, a week, a month, a year do you do something for someone, whether it be family or friends, and your annoyed? You’re frustrated and exhausted, but you still do it anyways. Then you call up your friend(s) and complain about it to them. But you’ll do it all over again tomorrow if someone asked you too.
My question to you is, then why even do it though.
There must come a time when you say, no, and mean it. Shoot! It’s a word ain’t it?! We’ll alright then! Use it!
I sure have learned to. And it seems like I have been a pro at it ever since.
Now, don’t get it twisted. If you need me, I am there!! No hesitation. I promise! And if you know me, you know that.
But sometimes I may say I am going to be somewhere or do something, and it just doesn’t happen like that. I do a lot. I have quit a few things going on. I have realized that people think because they don’t see things happening, they think that it is not happening. Chile, you have no idea. I learned along time ago that sharing and broadcasting things don’t matter, when you really have it.
Sometimes I will make plans to do this, that, and the third, and can’t make it. It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s just that I ain’t about to burn myself out and be all stressed out, when all I can say is no. If you love me, you’ll understand. And if not, then, it’s if not, then. I can’t do it anymore. I done spent half my life showing up for folks and didn’t even show up for myself! Now what type of crap is that?
Chile. You better start marching to the beat of your own drum. I’m trying to tell you.
Don’t live a life of what ifs because of other people. Even if they say they love you and you love them. AND THAT’S REAL!
I’ve had so many conversations with people I know personally, or I may just know of them. Either way, the feeling is mutual when it comes to making decisions for themselves.
I’ve had people ask me what would I do?
First thing I ask is, “Well, what do you want to do?” They will share with me what they want and why they are torn. And somewhere up in there, it’s always someone else that done stirred the pot to deter you from what you want.
Now! There will be times when some people may really be looking out for your best interest, because we all know that we have done some silly, simple, things in our lives. And now we look back and wonder why no one tried to stop us. But mostly likely, they did though. We just wouldn’t listen. HaHaHa!!
I’m not talking about those times. When we know deep down inside that we’re plan long foolish. The times when you really don’t share what you’re doing or how you feel, because you feel stupid, and you don’t want to look stupid. To everyone else, anyways.
I’m talking about when you tell someone you’re going back to school and they say, “For what?” I’m talking about when you tell someone you’re trying to have a closer walk with God and they say, “We’ll Rome wasn’t built in a day girl.” I’m talking about when you tell some one you trying to save money or get a side hustle to pay up on that and pay this off. And they say, “Girl YOLO.” I’m talking about how iwish they could take back or reevaluate some things in their lives, but they can’t. So, now they try and tell you want to do with your life, so you eventually can be hanging out with them!!!
You better stop listening to people!
Discernment is a wonderful thing. We all need people in  our lives, but you know as we’ll as I know (I hope.) that everybody ain’t who they say they’re. If you can think of at least three people in your life that you can truly, truly rely on for ANYTHING, and I do mean ANYTHING. When you’re right. When you’re wrong. When you’re happy. And when you’re sad. They’re your confidant. They will tell you when you’re right, wrong and all of thee of above. You don’t second guess them. You don’t wonder. You just know! They’re your confidant.
If you can think of three people in your life, at the least, who is your confidant, you’re a blessed somebody!!
Just know this, everyone, everybody, ain’t that! (Your confidant.) OKAY? Okay!
I’m writing it just how I would say it!
Everyone and everybody ain’t that! Mm..k!
Sometimes we gotta learn the hard way, I know.
Take heed of warnings before the disaster though.
Use the good sense God gave you. Nothing happens for nothing.
I’ll tell you how ‘extra’ I am!
The people I met before I married Rob was cool. And we just gone leave that right there.
I learned something from it! Back then I was like, dang! That’s so messed up! No, it wasn’t! I couldn’t see my future, ya know. It wasn’t like I knew what was going to happen. I knew what I wanted, but I didn’t know. I didn’t know that back then situations,  would benefit for me now! I learned to what stay away from, and what to pay attention too, being a military wife. ESPECIALLY ON BASE. I refuse to get caught up in the catty patty foolishness. I don’t have any issues with nothing and nobody. I keep to myself, mind my business (I gots plenty of it.) and hang with my husband and daughter. You’d be hard press to find Rob  and me around a lot of people and couples. Our circle is three deep. The peace of not knowing people. And people not knowing you. Ha-Ha! Point I’m making is, take heed of the messes ya make. It’s always a lesson in something. I would like to think so anyways. I mean, I can look back a understand ‘why’ at a couple of things. Don’t be that person who keeps doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Those people are the people who hate the world because of their mess ups. We’ll, umm, that’s unfair.
You got people who just don’t want to see you do good, period. Ain’t no other way to slice it or dice it. People hear ya name, and they hate you. They have nothing for you. Then you have people who are so naturally negative in their own lives giving positives vibes is foreign to them. They fail to realize how miserable they are, that they only feed miserable for advice. And if you’re what they call ‘weak’ you will be prey to the predator.
If you want to buy a house! BUY IT! Heck it’s your money!
If you want to go on the BMW lot and buy a 2020 black on black drop top, trunk in the front, engine in the back, two door BMW, then DO IT! Shoot. That’s your car note, or not.
If you want to go back to school to paint canvases or get a law degree. By all means, DO IT! Nobody has to like it. I bet they call you when they need some house décor, or a lawyer to bail they country tail out of jail!
If you want to have a yard sale and sale all the stuff in ya house, collect the money and buy all new stuff. Then only Lord knows, JUST DO IT!! I bet it’ll be a few folks at the yard sale buying up all your mess!
If you want to move out of state and start all over again. Whether it be with a job, a man, or just life in general. By all means, please DO IT!!
If you want to start a blog, YouTube channel, or open up a pie shop. You better to DO IT!!
I’ trying to tell you! If someone rocks with you. I mean, really-eally rocks with you! They will be there at the end if things just don’t work out. Don’t YOU allow other folks to rain on YOUR parade. Don’t you allow other people to talk you out of something that makes you happy. What makes you proud. Do you know there are some people who ain’t never been proud of themselves? For nothing. Not a dang thang.
You can’t expect someone who has been in the same place forever, to understand how and why you want to make moves.
You can’t expect someone to understand your gallons of drive and push when they only give a pint worth of anything when it comes to anything.
You can’t expect folk to understand you wanting to want better and to do better, when they’ve only accepted average their whole life.
You can’t expect someone to lead who has always followed.
You don’t have to be just like anything, just because you came from it. Or grew up around it.
Are we like are parents, or maybe other family members? Yes. Genes are real, or however you want to put it.
But somethings are, just, YOU. You don’t have to be like anybody!
Heck just try! Just give it a shot.
How are you going to feel next year if you don’t? Did you think about that?
All I’m saying is live out your wildest dream. Don’t let anything stop you. Especially a nay sayer. I’m so over that. Like I said earlier, when something is for real, you ain’t pressed on what people think it is or isn’t.
I’m Just Saying…
P.S. Stop making sounds with constants and vowels, and just do it!

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