I’m Back!

Hey Chile!

What’s going on with you?

Ugh! Let me tell you about these allergies. They suck!! It is the absolute worse!! I rather have a cold. We’ll, I rather not have nothing. But you know what I mean.

I’ve been droopy all day. Droopy, ha-ha. Shoot! That’s the only way I can explain it.

Because that’s exactly how I felt, droopy. I actually have a ear infection because of it.

Everywhere new I go, it’s different. Virginia is by far the worse though. The pollen at home ain’t no joke at all!!! Woo, Chile! It was some white stuff on the trees that used to bother me really bad in Ohio.

What I’m experiencing now, I haven’t before. It’s weird. #CaliLifeIReckon.

My throat slightly hurts, My head thumping, and my nose, ugh my nose. My Husbae picked up all my meds today so, I’m praying by tomorrow morning I will feel better. I’m sure claiming. Plus, I’m exhausted as all get out. The doctor prescribed me some nasal spray, and God knows I need it. But I cannot. I cant stand no nasal spray. Jesus be a fence!!! PLEASE!

I’m about to go be a baby and make Rob do it.


Okay! I’m back. I was gone for a little minute too. I done fixed me a salad and everything Chile.

I’m back in bed now, catching up on a few shows. I’m watching Chicago Fire right now. Yep! I love this show. I’ve been watching from day one. tonight’s episode is crazy as heck. what in the world!! I watch Chicago P.D. too. I haven’t watched Chicago Med yet. I think I may go ahead and check that out I reckon. I honestly haven’t heard really good reviews on it though. I don’t think it’s going to be as good as Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. though. But we shall see. I’ll keep ya posted on that.

I feel so out the loop. I’ve missed chit chatting with you Chile.

A lot has happened. Good and not so good. But I guess it’s life right. (Sigh.)

Oh yeah….

I have Twitter now! (April Jones. @RLSCammies.) It’s all bittersweet. I mean, that’s how I feel about social media. I mean, I guess you can say I’m a tab bit excited about having a Twitter now. I’ve been going back and forth with myself for so long now. Like, over a year now. No more putting things off! No more saying I’m going to do this and get this and then I look up a week, a month, a year later, and BOOM! NOTHING.

What the heck! No more wondering, what if. No more, putting things off and to the side. I ain’t bout to be standing in my own way. You gots enough people who lined up and ready to do that. Ya know!


Let’s Talk…

What’s your favorite fruit? (Mango.)
What’s your favorite food? (I cannot resist french fries on any level.)
Who’s your favorite artist? (Anita Baker.)
Pancakes or waffles? (Waffles.)
Side part or middle part? (Middle part.)
Salt or Sugar? (Salt.)
Love or Lust? (Love.)


How is it, that I love lemons, but I don’t want anything lemon except for the lemon. Keep the cake, the cupcakes, the pies, and all that. Isn’t that kind of sorta weird?

Anotha thang….

I need to really get into a work out routine again. I miss how I used to work out Monday-Friday, and sometimes on Sunday’s. One hour! What happened? Chile. I ate pretty sucky this past weekend too. I definitely made up for lost time when I missed like four days of not eating.


Of course, today is Tuesday, so I’ve been on my regular, smegular meals and my cucumber water. I need to get it together. Some way. Somehow.
I run/walk on a regular, but that ain’t gonna last long. Because it’s only going to get hotter by the day.

Oh yeah…

I hope all is going better than okay for you right now! ? I pray you’re all laughs and giggles. And your heart is full. I hope that you have peace in ya mind and joy in your heart.
And right now, if you don’t have these things, I pray that you will have all of these things one day. One day real soon. I pray that you embrace the happiness that you want past your own understanding.

Never feel alone, because you’re not. Regardless of what it may feel like. Regardless of what it may look like. God loves you and so do I. Talk to someone you trust. God always gives us at least one somebody. God will always give you that confidant. Talk it out. Cry it out. Let it out. You gotta talk. Because when you’re quiet, that’s when the devil talks the loudest! #GodBlessYou

And for all those out there still tripping off the small stuff. Still mad about this and mad about that. Let it go. Because regardless of how boring it may sound. You’re really only hurting yourself. Bad energy isn’t good for anybody. Ask yourself. If you weren’t you, would you want to be friends with you? Be honest.

I’m about to knock out Chile. Those meds are starting to kick in. (Snooze.)

‘Find a penny pick it up and all day you’ll have good luck!’

I’m Just Saying,…
Good night.