I’m the Weekend.

Sundays seem to make me reminisce about Sundays back in the day when we were just ‘kicking it.’ Sunday’s were always the chillest day out of the weekend. After partying Friday and Saturday (Most weekends.) we would be fried, dyed, and laid to the side, come Sunday Chile. We have partied together, I ain’t lying. I’ve had some of the best club experiences with my husband, before he was my husband. Maybe that’s why we are such a old couple now. Haha. The littlest things make us happy, right at home. We’ve partied, hung out, done this, that, and the third, while our other friends were having babies and looking for babysitters. Now, we are the ones with a little one and happily tired at home, with each other. Movie night has become one of my favorites. Simple pleasure are life treasures.

So yeah. Sundays were so chill and cuddly. Everyone exhausted from the weekend and all the liquor consumed. Rob mixing liquor, my homegirl(s) taking shots after shot, and the bartender already knew my drink of choice before I even asked. I would dance on Rob so hard, I wouldn’t even know I was two sheets in the wind until we would walk out the club. Ha.

Those were the days when I would go shopping just for the weekend. The road trip down 95 South, heading towards Havelock, North Carolina were relaxing and always something to look forward to. I enjoyed spending my weekends with the one I love. Even if we were beefing on Thursday, I peel wheels on Friday! Boy, if that highway could talk. I would always get so anxious right before I road on base, or pulled up to our hotel for the weekend. With every hair, lash, and my lip liner in place, I was ready to show up, out, and off Chile. I would have school, two jobs, volunteering, gym, and whatever else happening during the week. So, the weekends were mine!

Some weekends were like a Love & Hip Hop episode. Heck, on the right night, it would be more like the seasonal finale of Love and Hip Hop. Whether it be Rob and me arguing on the middle of the dance, or someone finding out their man was cheating on the dance floor. It always would be a night to remember. I can’t even say which part was more fun. The club, or after the club. The conversations in the McDonalds drive thru should have been recorded to neva, eva, be played again! #Hilarious

I’ve met some of the coolest people, from so many different places. #MilitaryLife. Isn’t it crazy, how you can meet people, have a good time with people, and neva see them again? I wish them all well though. At the time we were all so close. At the time we were like family. Everyone from different places, now in the same place, for the same reasons. That alone brought us together. And one thing we knew for sure and certain. Is that we could have a good time together.

Choppers was the club that use to be ‘jumping’ just a few miles off base. It was at least three times we road out the Jacksonville, but who the heck would drive us back? So yeah, that was a no go! My car already had to sit in the parking lot once or twice before, waiting to get picked up in the morning. Being that some of the Marines, including Rob, were security some weekends at the club really played in my favor. It would be times when I would pull up to the club not even talking to Rob some weekends, mad about something. And now he’s taking me back to the room. Haha. A mess down, bust down. #GoodTimes. Those were the nights I went to sleep with makeup on, without a care in the world. Chile listen, I stayed at that hotel so many times, I know I had to a least stay in at least one room on each floor in that Country Inn Suits. It was in the perfect location. Right by, the club, McDonalds, and the gas station. I had it made in the shade.

It was one time when I had one shot too many, and I just knew I was going to throw up. I walked outside, quick fast and in a hurry. But thank God for Jesus, because the cold air whipped me back into shape. I was done for the night that night.

Sundays I would do homework, while watching tv show, after tv show, while CeeCee would cook Sunday dinner for everyone. I had always planned to leave Sunday night about 8 o’clock. But as soon as 8 o’clock rolled around, I didn’t want to leave. So, I would have to get up at the crack of dawn to make it to class on time. That’s right, I was living on the edge. But I was on top of my game, most of the time, so it became second nature. The ride home sucked. It was nothing like the ride there. The weekend was over, instead of beginning.

I’m just thankful we still hang out every weekend. 💋



Oldie but goodie! If this night could tell you the story on its own. This was either 2013-2014.

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