It Ain’t About You

Hey Chile! You know what time it is! That time after you eat, and things start moving slow and getting tired. That’s where we at right about now. Woo Chile. Ya know what though, I didn’t eat much today at all. I think it’s a thing when you do the cooking, ya know.

Today was absolutely beautiful. I really enjoyed seeing my daughter happy. I also enjoyed being able to share these moments with my husband. I’m thankful for technology so that my loved ones can tune in on the Jones household festivities! A big ole smile spreaded across her little cute face this morning! Each year is different ya know. The first Christmas is, is just everything because it’s your babies first Christmas. Each year has its special reasonings, combined with an immense amount of gratitude. This year for Christmas it was exciting, being Naomi is three now. Like, she understand for real what’s happening. I tried to sneak a gift in the basket I saw for her, one random day in Wal-Mart, at the early part of December. That lady peeped it, and had been asking for it since. Chile, I had to make up some ridiculous fib on Santa. I know his ears stay ringing time of year long.

I think it’s cute how my baby is old enough to enjoy Santa, Rudolph and the gang. I love the innocence about it. She has enough time to know what the real world is about. I love how I am able to protect her from that right now. It’s real out here. Parents who really, really, REALLY, struggled to get gifts this year. The parents who couldn’t get anything at all this year. The mom who had to tell the oldest the truth, so the youngest could have.

I can’t lie and say that I wasn’t looking forward to opening my gifts today, because Chile! I was ready! Like a kid! I love seeing what everyone else gets too! But I did a lot of thinking and day dreaming today. A lot of people were on my heart and mind. People I know personally, and some folks I don’t know at all and will probably never meet in life. But to imagine the pain and the lost that a lot of people felt today, makes me teary eyed. I thought about one particular friend alllll day today, even right now. Ugh, Jesus. Life.

I can really tell my husband misses his mom today. She just passed this summer. What do I say? (Not a real question.) Its going to take a long time, if ever, to find solace in the fact that his momma is no longer here. Naomi and me are holding him down though. #Foreva I’m thankful for him! I’m thankful I have such a thoughtful, giving, selfless, hard working, don’t complain eva, I know I get on his last nerve husband!! THANK U JESUS! PRECIOUS LORD! Woo Chile! All I got to say is, “It coulda been me!” I really do realize as I get older, that people, people are so much more important to me, than anything I could eva have.

I enjoyed seeing people I went to school with, with their families, happy. This year, wooooo this year! 2018 taught me for real for real, that life is toooo short! Too short! I ain’t holding on to nothing that takes up the space of any peace, love, or happiness in my world. Let them go! Let it go! Keep it moving!

All seriousness, at one point today I was about to fuss at my husband for being so quiet. Then Jesus jap slapped me right upside my head. “It ain’t about you.” I PROMISE!!! That was the first thing that came to mind in a instant second! Like I heard it. I promise!! Then I thought. “Dang. Ma.” Thank you Jesus for love language. The devil tried it! But God!!! As a wife, I literally pray to God that He will show me how to hear my husband when he is quiet. He isn’t like me! That doesn’t make him wrong. It just makes him, him and a man. To love him, is to know him. So, I console in quietness. I cuddle, and give away kisses, and then I tell a joke from time to time. And you know, I breaks out singing a tune here and there too!

I can only imagine….

So, I follow this guy on social media right. I’m not going to say his name and all that. In my mind, I think he would appreciate the shoutout. (No. I don’t know him, at all.) But, I’m going to mind the business I get paid, and just keep it moving. So. I’ve been following him for about six months, and Chile, he is fuuuun-ny! He has a business selling hair bundles, he does promos, etc. Anyways. He is fuuuun-ny and he speaks the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! As I was scrolling Instagram today, I ran across a post he had recently posted. He spoke on how, wayment. I’ll be right back. Let me go listen again real quick. (Brb.)

“Some of these captions and post I’ve seen today are so disgusting! It is some people out here that don’t have a mother to celebrate with today. Some people don’t have a father to celebrate with today…..It is people that are sleeping on the street with no food, no clothes, no where to go….people out here digging in the garbage to eat. People are so ungrateful!!!! (He big mad.) It is parents out here who can’t get their kids clothes and toys this year! And you up here acting ungrateful!”

Chile! I feel him though! He mentioned that he saw a post where a female had told her boyfriend, ‘thank you’ for a purse he had got her for a Christmas gift. However, she preferred the red one over the blue one, and the blue one is the one she got. Now Chile, I ain’t going to say nothing, because he said it for me! We have to do better….

I’m Just Saying….

Merry Christmas 🎄

God Bless you! ♥️



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