Hello, Hello! (Day 8!!! It has been a joy, no for real, talking to you daily.)
How are you Chile? I pray everything is everything with you and yours. It’s Sunday! Chill day, let the dishes stay right on in that sink day! I am in bed, listening to the word. I got my juices flowing and my mind right. Speaking good things into this day. It’s been a pretty good weekend thus far. I went shopping yesterday for some house décor and workout things. Chile, my husband be shopping his tail off, I BE TIRED!! But yeah, I really want to get back to working out, like how I was a year ago. Like, Monday through Friday, second nature. I need to get back into the groove again, mentally and physically. I have been struggling with the consistency of it, and I done got on my own nerves about it. I like structure and balance, with lots of organization. So, yeah, working out is something I want to be back on my daily check off list., rather I feel like it or not. Self-discipline is key, it’s about more than getting a ‘perfect body.’
I done prayed to the workout angles to get me right and tight and through the process. My wittle cheerleader here (She’s laying beside me now.) will cheer me on, and I reckon my Husbae will act as if I’m in boot camp. (Rolls eyes.)
So, anyways. Enough about and me, and my workout struggle.
Let’s get to it!
Let’s see
5 PET PEEVES…. (Oh, this is going to be lovely. Ha-ha.)
Sidebar: I have been letting my eyebrows grow for over, 4 MONTHS NOW, wow, I just realized that. I didn’t know it had been that long. We’ll Chile, I ain’t had eyebrows like this since, since, shoot, the dang 8th grade. Lies I DO NOT tell. I’m going to keep letting them grow too. Peep the bangs?! I’m Just Saying…
1. One of my pet peeves is, when people compare and contrast. It irks me, like, why? For an example. “Who’s better? Lebron on Mj?” “Who do you think is better, Cardi B or Nikki? Who’s going to take the summer?” Blah, blah, blah. Yeah, that type of talk. I don’t understand why people compare folks. Is LeBron Michael Jordan? Is Michael Jordan Lebron? Is Cardi B Nikki Minaj in the morning when she wakes up, or visa versa? Okay then. So, what’s the point? Why can’t people just be great…. AND BE GREAT! Michael Jordan is Michael Jordan, he’s (Insert a phenomenal word here.) LeBron, he’s freaking Lebron. Can they just be who they are and do what they do, and that be all. Can we all say, THEY! To me, that’s like comparing husband/boyfriends. ‘Like, oh he was this, but he is this, but he does this. And he did that.’ There is no comparison. No one compared, compares, or is comparing. And as far as me, well. So, all I’m saying is, I don’t like getting into those great debates with folks about who is who. Pointless. We’ll to me.
(Hold on ya’ll. My cousin called me, I have gots to talk to her. #Brb)
2. Insinuating. Especially in a relationship. It grids my gears when people don’t say what they want to say! Say how you feel or do not say anything at all, simple. Stay off social media with the post and post it out ya mouth to your man or woman. The love of social media is the root of all evil.
3. Burping! Ugh, gross. When people just belch out loud with no problem! Say excuse me. Nasty!!
4. Disorganization! Chile. I cannot stand chaos in any forms.
5. When people interrupt me when I’m saying my grace! GO FIND JESUS!!

Have a blessed day beautiful!