Hey Chile!!!
It’s the first day APRIL and I’m ready to tell all my business. (Ha-ha.) Now, I ain’t fitting to do all that. But a little close to it.
So, as you already know my name is April. I really love my name by the way. It’s short, sweet, and beautiful. It’s pleasant. It’s bright. Oh yeah, let’s not forget that April represents the diamond. Hay-Hay! Do ya feel me? (Haa-haa.) I crack myself up!
I am married to the love of my life. My best friend.
Him and me being best friends is the second foundation of us. Of course, God being first and foremost. I know it sounds yucky, ugh, believe me, but Rob was like my brother before he became my lover. And that right there is what has saved us in the past. I will always believe that sex is overrated. People will bump and grind, and suck and lick and don’t know a dang last or middle name. then people degrade love. And for the record, love doesn’t hurt people, people do. Know the difference. I mean, even Trey Songz said, sex ain’t better than love. (Ha-ha.) Now, don’t take what I am saying as if I am better. God knows, the people who have been there from the beginning, KNOW. I’m just saying, if my husband and me were attracted to each other in a physical manner only from jump street, we wouldn’t be married now I don’t think. Our friendship is what brought us throuhg those ugly, immature days. I was in love with my husband, waaay before we had sex. Shoot, that’s what makes it even better if ya ask me. Chile, I ain’t fitting to get into all that right now though. We have 29 more days to go! You’ll catch my drift, trust me.

So, yeah, like I said, I’m married. I gave birth to my best friend, and I want more best friends. Two more at the LEAST! Three at the MOST. I LOVE BEING A MOM! LOOOOOVE IT!! The best thang that has ever happened to me. Ever! My husband seconds that. He’s pretty, he’s pretty dope. If I do say so myself.

I am twenty-eight years young Chile. I reckon I’m knocking at thirties door huh?! I’m cool with that. Life is a blessing. I ain’t the type of female to scatter from my age. I’m gone be 93, thumping and bumping, and still talking loud!! #Aye

I currently live in California. Whoopy-Whoop! I like it here. It’s cool. But truth be told. To me, ain’t nothing like the East Coast baby. I love traveling though. The perks of the military life. It’s a blessing!

I am a stay at home mom. Naomi, she is my job! And please believe me, it is a full-time job. Please, don’t discredit stay at home moms around me. Tsk, tsk. #IJS

I can hold my breath for only 14 seconds.

I always make my husband sleep on the side of the bed that is closets to the door.

I love to sleep with the fan on. Ya know, get a little chilly and cuddle.

I always have a bottle of water or cup of water on my nightstand.

And I love me some Family Feud. We binge watch it. You can always expect one of the TVs in the house to be on the GSN channel. Naomi honestly put us on too it. She loves that show. She shouts and be clapping like she won $20, 000. (Ha-ha.) Super cute.

I drink my coffee just like I like my man, black. #Haaay

I’m Just Saying…


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