I’ve Never Tried…

TAKE THREE!! (Day three.)

So, today I am going to share with you three things I have never tried. This is going to be funny. I jotted a couple of things down in my journal. So, I am going to literally ask Naomi  to pick a number, and whatever number it is, that’s going to be what I chose to share with you. Good Luck!! xOxO.

  1. A cigarette. I’ve never tried a cigarette. I’ve never even attempted too.
  2. Tried driving a stick shift. I really want to learn how to drive a stick shift. My mom can drive the heck out of a stick shift. I’m going to get her to teach me. But whose car can we use? My dad is not going to let us use his car. (Ha-ha.) His ‘baby’ is older than me. I believe my parents got that car in 1982 when my dad was stationed in Sacramento. idk.
  3. Cooking rice crispy treats. Chile! I’ve never cooked rice crispy treats before.  I remember when I told one of my home girls I had never cooked rice crispy treats before, and I needed to learn how to fix them. She gave me the whole break down of the rice crispy treats in less than 30 seconds. (Ha-ha.) She was like, “What in the world girl.” Yep! I’ve never made rice crispy treats. But I’m going to though. It’s so crazy because I eat rice crispies. Ya know, cereal. The dog on recipe is on the side or back of the box, right?!

Woo!!! Chile! I was scared. I just knew I was going to have to write down something crazy! I had a few couple of crazy things written down just to make it fun. I dodged that bullet. (This time anyways.) Thank God. (Ha-ha.)

I pray you had a productive, happy day! Whatever you didn’t get done today, do it tomorrow. Whatever you didn’t get right today. Remember, tomorrow is a fresh start.

Worry about nothing. Pray about everything!

I’m Just Saying…



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