Josh & Cameron

“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgement you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.” Matthew 7:1-2.

‘Stay in your room Cameron. I’m going to get you out!’ -Dad


Cameron stood on her tippy toes trying to get the pink box from the top shelf of her bedroom closet. Cameron was trying to be super quiet. She was not in the mood to argue with her father, again tonight. It was a little pass 1 o’clock in the morning and Cameron was waiting for Josh, her new boy toy, to come over and spend the night. Josh was a new cutie that Cameron had been seeing just about over a month now.
And he had Cameron’s nose wide open. Josh couldn’t front though. He like Cameron too. Just not as much as Cameron liked him though. Josh had a few chicks from time to time. But Josh was all about his money. He had been a corner boy for the last 7 years, and he didn’t have time to be stunting hussies. He was trying to move up in the game, and he had no time to be getting caught up. His grandmother was getting older and he had brothers and sisters to look after. Josh never had any plans on taking any female serious, but he always wanted to be taken seriously.
Cameron met Josh on Tinder. A cut buddy app Cameron used frequently to get attention from guys of all genres. Cameron had never been with a white boy before. And as soon as Josh started tripping, that’s exactly what Cameron planned to do. Hit her up a white boy. Cameron didn’t let any dust settle on her lady parts.
The first time Cameron and Josh linked up, was at Cameron’s house. Josh felt like Cameron was right up his alley too. Fun sized, light skin chick, head full of curls, and hazel eyes. Cameron had a baby dolls face, but she had a mature look for her age too. It was a perfect situation for Josh, being she was enrolled in college out of state. Cameron told Josh that she was a freshman in college, but because of financial reasons, she had to move back home for a semester to attend school at the local community college down town. All lies. Being that Josh didn’t want to feel trapped. He was glad to know that Cameron could be a fun thing for a couple of months and that’s it. He got bored easy anyways. It was way too many women in the world to just settle for one. As soon as Cameron went back to school, Josh figured she wouldn’t want to talk to him after he dissed her a couple of times. Josh never spoke about it, but he hoped Cameron didn’t have high expectations for their future. And if she did, we’ll then, that was her problem.
The last time Josh came over, he claimed to not have any condoms. Cameron knew she should have never slept with Josh unprotected, but tonight she was going to make sure it didn’t happen again. Getting pregnant was not an option for her. Cameron knew her Dad would literally kill her with his bare hands if she came home pregnant at 15. Especially if he knew the child was conceived under his roof, while he slept.
Cameron reached for the pink Lola Shoetique box, and a slight grin spread across her cute, doll baby face. ‘Got it!’ Cameron celebrated in a whisper. She removed the black hair tie from around her wrist and put her jet black, curly hair in a messy bun.
Tammy, Cameron’s best friend had really come through this time!
Cameron had convinced Tammy to sneak into her brother Robs room and steal a few condoms out of his ‘stash’. Everyone knew Rob was a play boy. We’ll at least he thought he was anyways.
Rob did stay with a new chick on his shoulder though. Some people seemed to not understand how.
Rob was not the best-looking guy in the neighborhood. Heck, he wasn’t one of the best-looking guys in the city. Matter of fact, Rob may have been one of the worse! Rob was high yellow, with Dumbo ears and big bug eyes. Rob always looked like he was scared. But the things he did in bed, most men didn’t have a clue about, so. Rob had accepted a long time ago that the only thing he had working for him was, his personality and that ax between his legs. Tammy had no idea, but Cameron had slept with Rob a few times herself. She didn’t know about anyone else, but she kept the lights off. She could feel everything just fine in the dark. Cameron had made it very clear to Rob the first time they had sex to never speak about them, and their rendezvous to anyone, especially Tammy.
Cameron and Tammy had been best friends since Mrs. Follows second grade, science class. Cameron’s parents weren’t too fond of Tammy though. They thought everything about her was loud and ghetto. Little did they know, Tammy was quiet as a mouse. Cameron’s Mom would let her hang with Tammy from time to time. But Cameron knew her Mom preferred her to hang with her friends on the cheerleading squad. Cameron’s Dad always referred to Tammy as the, ‘funny looking girl.’ Cameron hated that Tammy looked like Rob. It went without saying that they had the same Daddy. Tammy always got picked on. Only by the girls though. The guys didn’t care what Tammy looked like. She had a body that women paid for, for free at 16. Tammy knew she would probably never be anyone’s wife, let alone girlfriend. But she still slept with her first, Roy every now and then to feel loved.
But to Cameron, Tammy was beautiful. Cameron had never known a soul as sweet as her best friend. Tammy lived on the other side of the ‘bridge’, so that alone said a lot about her to Cameron’s Dad. Which to Cameron was so unfair. Cameron knew that Tammy wasn’t like the rest of the hood mugilids over there were she had no choice to reside at. But to Cameron’s Dad it didn’t matter. He was never trying to hear it. So, Cameron eventually stopped trying to convince him.
Tammy didn’t have the finer things in life. But to Cameron she had it all, because she had freedom. And that’s all Cameron wanted. Cameron’s Dad was so strike, that he was almost mean and unbearable. Cameron really missed the days when they would hang out and do stuff together. But Michaels job had really changed him over the years. And it only pushed Cameron and him further apart.
Tammy’s Mom, Ms. Sherell worked day in and day out to keep a roof over Tammy and her sibling’s heads. Rob had his little hood hustle too. So, he always made sure it was food on the table.
Cameron even took extra snacks to school to share with Tammy at lunch time. Cameron would take enough so Tammy could take some home to her younger siblings too.
People would sometimes question Cameron and Tammy’s friendship. The question was always, ‘Why would a girl like Cameron hang with a girl like Tammy?’ Cameron paid her peers no mind, she loved Tammy. It was no secret that the two girls were best friends. It wasn’t anything Cameron wouldn’t do for Tammy. That went both ways.

Lately, Cameron spent her days lying to her parents. Especially her Dad, Michael. It seemed like Cameron lied to her Dad on a regular basis. Everything was always a demand or a command coming from him. Cameron always felt like her Dad was ‘doing too much.’ And her Mom, we’ll Nicole just followed suit most of the time. Which only pissed Cameron off even more. When Cameron was at home, she was always in here room. She basically only came out to eat. And of course, her Dad had an issue with too.
Michael was a real issue for Cameron.
Rather being up all night making love to each other. Cameron would have preferred her parents to argue, cheat, something! Cameron wanted someone to leave someone, so she could move on with just her Mom. Cameron had always felt like her Dad was the culprit. And her Mom just went with it because she felt like Cameron’s Dad, always had a point. Cameron called bull crap every time her Mom would defend her Dad.

Cameron was convinced a long time ago that her Mom was dickmatized. Cameron knew her Dad looked good, she looked just like him! But dang! His attitude was stank.
Nicole was pretty, beautiful even. Cameron’s friends would sometimes joke about Mrs. Walsh looking like Nia Long from the movie Friday. Nicole never took offense to it of course.
Nicole wore her hair short just like Nia Long did, and it was jet black. Nicole had naturally long lashes that set the prettiest profound tone for her hazel eyes. Cameron knew her mom could get anything with a penis to want her, hell, anything with a vagina too. But she chose Michael Walsh instead.
Cameron looked at the clock and knew she needed to head down stairs. She had planned on sneaking Josh through the back door tonight. Her bedroom window was just too much work. Josh almost broke his neck last few times trying to see Cameron.
Cameron giggled to herself thinking, ‘men will do anything for a piece of tail’.
‘My tail.’ Cameron smacked her own butt before making her way downstairs.
After a long day of school, and a stressful night at home. Josh was all Cameron needed to make her feel good right now. And boy was she looking forward to it.

‘Shhh, be quiet.’ Cameron whispered to Josh, before they started to walk up the stairs. Josh never seemed to even flinch when he had to sneak into Cameron’s parents’ house to have sex with her.
Cameron spent all night trying to keep her moaning down, so she didn’t wake up her parents. Josh and Cameron tossed and turned in between the sheets all night. If there was a position to do, Josh and Cameron did it. They even made up a few new ones.
Cameron’s body was pleased, but exhausted. In no time, both Cameron and Josh were passed out sleep.
Not quit even forty minutes later, Cameron woke up from the vibrations of her cell phone. She realized it was her alarm clock to wake Josh up, so he could get up and out of the house before her parents woke up. After, not even an hour of sleep, Josh got dressed and left Cameron’s house the same way he came.
Cameron still had two hours before she had to get ready for school. So, she decided to just lay back down until her alarm went off for her to get up and start getting ready.
Cameron laid in her bed, thinking of everything that had occurred between Josh and her the last few weeks. She was happy about her boy toy. Plus, you never know, right?

‘Okay mom!!’ Cameron yelled at her Mom from upstairs. ‘Hold on! I’m almost done.’
Cameron was trying to hurry up and apply her mascara so her Mom could take her to school. Being she had already missed the bus. Cameron could not wait to get her license as soon as she turned sixteen next year. But that just meant, there would be a new argument to have with her Dad now. Having a license and a car meant more freedom. Something Mr. FBI Agent didn’t want his daughter to have clearly.
Cameron was feeling a little sluggish this morning.
She knew her late nights were starting to catch up with her.
After a few more seconds, Cameron made a bee line down the stairs before her Mom had a chance to yell at her again.
‘About time sleepy head.’ Nicole kissed her daughter on the for head before Cameron’s feet even hit the bottom step.
‘Hey Mom.’ Cameron said, with a smile.
‘Come on, were both are already tardy.’ Nicole motioned with her arm as she started walking out the front door.
Cameron noticed how cute her Mom looked, even in her hospital scrubs.
‘Put your seat belt on young lady.’ Nicole said to Cameron before Cameron even got in the car all the way.
‘Okay Mom. Geesh.’ Cameron whined.
Cameron was silently praying that her Mom did not start with the, ‘You know how many people have died in a car accident because they were to careless to wear a seat belt’ talk. Cameron was in no mood to hear it. Being a Trauma E.R doctor made Nicole just as crazy as Michael was being a Behavioral Analysis FBI Agent, Cameron thought. Maybe if her parents were clowns in the circus, life would be easier, Cameron thought.
Cameron and her Mom chit chatted off and on the whole ride to school.
‘Listen Cameron, tomorrow I will be home late. After my shift is over I want to spend a couple of hours with a patient. Your Dad may or may not be on a case. But if he is, are you okay with being at home a couple of hours alone. I know you….’
Before Nicole could say anything else, Cameron reassured her Mom that a few hours at home alone was just fine with her.
Cameron had already planned her whole night in her mind in a matter of seconds. All Cameron heard was, home alone. The only problem was her Dad. But Cameron was sure Michael would be on a case. When was he not? Cameron thought.
Cameron pulled back her excitement back just a little bit. Not wanting her Mom to assume anything. But it was hard not to smile. This was going to be the perfect time, alone, in the house with Josh.
Nicole made it to the front of the school, just as the bell rang for class to start. ‘Do I need to come in?’ Nicole asked Cameron with a slight concern look on her face.
‘No Mom, it’s cool. I’ll just stop by the principles office and get a pass.’
Cameron and Nicole leaned in for a hug before parting ways.
‘See you later baby.’
‘See you later Mom.’ Cameron turned around and waved.

Cameron knew she had to execute her plan meticulously, in order to get away with it. Cameron was way to hype to share the news with her girl Tammy.
Tammy found Cameron and her a round table in the corner by the Exit, where some students went outside and ate on the lawn.
‘What is going on girl You much got some river deep tea? I got your text!’ Tammy leaned in closer to Cameron, so she could get the full effect of this story. Tammy knew it had to be something kinky or exciting coming from Cameron.
Before Cameron started her tell all, she handed Tammy a few Butterfingers, three Snicker bars, and a pack of yellow M&M’s.
Tammy smiled. ‘Thanks girl! So, what’s up though?’
‘Okay, okay!’ Cameron knew she was stalling for no reason.
Cameron leaned in a little closer to Tammy.
‘My parents will be gone tomorrow night. And I want Josh to slide through, if you know what I mean. Cameron licked her lips seductively.
Tammy burst out laughing. Her girl was simple, and she knew it.
‘Sooo what do you have planned exactly? Tammy asked, while stuffing French fries in her mouth.
‘I don’t know for sure yet. I have to make sure my Dad has a case first.’ Cameron said.
‘That shouldn’t be hard.’ Tammy replied.
‘I know right.’
The girls chatted all lunch about Josh and Roy.
When the bell rung, Tammy and Cameron went their separate ways heading to class. They knew to meet up at the band room when school let out, as usual.

Once Cameron got off the school bus, she checked the mail before going in the house.
‘Can you pay my bills. Can you pay my telephone bills. Can you pay my automo- bills.’
Cameron sung to herself while she grabbed the envelopes out the mail box with both her parents names on majority of them.
Josh and Cameron had been texting all evening, while she worked on her history project. Midterms were coming up, and Cameron wanted to keep all A’s on her report card. As much as Cameron hated school, she cared about her education. Plus, her education was what allowed the little freedom she did get. Cameron’s parents couldn’t deny how proud they were at how well their daughter was doing in school. But that still didn’t make Michael loosen the tight leash he had on Cameron though.

New Day….
Cameron woke up tired, but excited. Today was the day she was going to get her grove on for real.
Just like she thought, her Dad had left in the wee hours of the night on a kidnapping case. He came into her bedroom about 3 o’clock this morning to give her a kiss and say bye. Cameron was shocked at her Dads affection but was also happy about it.
Everything was looking up for Cameron, and now that her Dad was going to be out the house, she planned on skipping school today. Ya know, to plan for her eventful event.
Cameron went to her closet to get the pink Lola Shoetique shoe box.
She grabbed the box and pulled it down from the top shelf and set on her closet floor.
Cameron pulled out a sexy, soft pink, lace bra and panty set she had ordered online a couple of weeks ago from Vicky Secrets. Cameron got it sent to Tammy’s address, just in case, ya know her parents wanted to be a little nosey.
Cameron thought to herself, ‘what better time than to wear this get up than tonight.’

Prep time…
Cameron knew that Josh was more experienced in the bed than she was. But tonight, Cameron wanted to show Josh she wasn’t too far behind him.
After getting out the shower, Cameron set on her bed wrapped in her towel with a cucumber peel off mask on her face. She decided last minute to just do a wash and go with her natural hair. Thank God for the hair gods. Cameron’s curls were soft, bouncy, and her hair smelled so good.
Cameron wanted Josh to like all parts of her tonight.
It was almost 6 o’clock, and Cameron knew that Josh would be at her house in a few. She wanted to call her parents, before she tuned everyone and everything out.
Cameron briefly spoke to her Mom, but her Dad didn’t answer. She was sure he was occupied with whatever he had going on with his job. So, she just left him a short message and proceeded on with what she had going on.
Everything was copasetic, and Josh was minutes down the street.
It was a little pass 6 o’clock when Cameron let Josh in through the front door.
This was her house tonight.

Josh was looking mighty scrumptious with his all black Champion pullover sweater, black Levi jeans, and all black Timberland boots on. Josh was in dressed in all black from head to toe, and Cameron was all the way turned on.
Josh stood about 6’1 on any other day, but today, those boots gave him some extra height. His line up was sharp and the gold chain around his neck was just another amenity that made Cameron’s lady smile.
Cameron stood on her tippy toes and leaned in for a kiss.
Josh didn’t hesitate to receive Cameron’s tongue when she gave it to him.
Josh was ready to get right into it. But Cameron insisted that they eat first and then be each other’s dessert.
Josh was down with that. He even enjoyed the Chinese takeout Cameron ordered prior to his arrival.
But now Josh was ready to take Cameron up on her dessert offer. Plus, he wanted to see what Cameron had on under that black silk bathrobe she had been wearing since he got to her house.
‘Let’s go upstairs.’ Josh said before biting down on his bottom lip.
Cameron didn’t say a word. She got up from the dining room table and led the way upstairs.
Josh was slightly confused when Cameron walked them pass her bedroom. But he said nothing. He just went with. He didn’t care what room they did it in.
Josh and Cameron entered what Josh knew was Cameron’s parent’s bedroom. He knew it was going to be a good night, but dang. He was already picturing all the ways he was going to have Cameron saying his name sprawled out on this California king size bed. Josh was already ready, just thinking about it.
Cameron turned around and started kissing Josh seductively.
Cameron could feel Josh’s hands all over her body. And just like she had been waiting for. Josh untied her bathrobe.
The robe fell to Cameron’s ankles, right before Josh picked Cameron up to lay her on top of her parent’s bed.
Cameron planned on giving Josh a run for his money tonight. She was going to take her time with him.

Too bad….
Cameron was straddling Josh face when Michaels Uber pulled in front of his house.
‘You have a good night Sir.’ The young boy said to Michael as he got out the vehicle.
Michael was glad to be home a day earlier than he had planned to be.  Especially after he heard Cameron’s voicemail.The kidnapping was a well-deserved celebrated success. After Michael had witnessed what he had witnessed in the last 24 hours, he wanted to have a one on one talk with his daughter. He felt like it was time to stop tip toeing around their relationship and get that Daddy’s Little Girl relationship they use to have back. Michael felt like it was his responsibility as parent to take the first step.

Michael knew Nicole would be home late. So, it was the perfect timing.
Michael assumed Cameron had already ate. But he planned on ordering Chinese anyways.
The house looked rather dark from the outside. Michael figured Cameron was in her room, as usual.
As soon as Michael stepped into the foyer of his house, he knew something wasn’t right. It’s like he could feel it in the air. Michael touched the gun on his waist and back, for confirmation. He walked towards the kitchen.
Michael looked over at the dining room table and saw two empty plates, and empty boxes of Chinese food.
Confused, Michael took his gun out his holster, and just held it at his side while he looked around the first floor of his house. Cameron said nothing about company being over on the voicemail she left him  earlier.
All kinds of thoughts ran through Michael’s head.
Despite the disagreements that his daughter and him may have. Michael would never think his daughter would be at home having sex in their house.
Michael’s nostrils flared at the thought of his wife cheating on him. He knew he spent a lot of time away from home. Michael remained rational while he crept through his house.
Michael knew his instincts weren’t playing with him when he heard unpleasant sounds coming from the master bedroom before he even made it to the top of the steps.
Michael felt like he was going to vomit the closer he got to his bedroom door. He knew the love sounds he heard weren’t coming from his wife.
Michael walked in his room, sick to his stomach and fueled with immense rage. He saw his only daughter, his baby girl butt naked as the day she was born grinding on some anonymous persons face, close to her climax.
Cameron was so far into ecstasy, she rode Josh’s face with her eyes closed. Josh being smothered in Cameron, neither one of them were aware of Michaels arrival.
Michael reached over the bed and grabbed Cameron by her hair. Cameron screamed and kicked, until she came to understand what exactly had just happen. Bawled up against the wall, Cameron set silently, while tears streamed down her face, while she watched her Dad and Josh stand toe to toe.
Michael man handled Josh all the way out the front door, literally. It was not a pretty sight at all.
Cameron was so scared she had peed on herself. Too afraid to move, Cameron just set there on  her parents bedroom floor. She didn’t know what to do or say next. Cameron just tried to cover her naked body best she could. To say that she was embarrassed, was an understatement.
Cameron could hear her Dad coming back upstairs.
Michael walked in the room and saw Cameron still on the floor bawled up naked against the wall.
‘Here, cover yourself up.’ Michael tossed a throw blanket at Cameron so aggressively. If it was a baseball, Cameron knew she would have no face.
‘How old is that boy Cameron.’ Michael was yelling now.
‘How old is he I asked you girl. And you bet not lie to me either, because you know I will find out!’ Michael looked dead in Cameron’s eye’s.
Cameron knew better than to look away.
Cameron inhaled, as tears strolled down her face.
‘I think he’s 22.’
‘You think? Or you know? Michael was still yelling.
Cameron jumped. ‘He’s 22. ‘
‘Cameron, go to your room. I can’t even look at you. And when your Mother gets home, you will tell her what you did tonight.’
Michael just turned and walked out the room. He didn’t want his daughter to see him cry. Michael was so disappointed in her daughter’s actions. And deep down he felt like it was his fault.

Cameron had cried so much the night before, that she woke up with a headache. Her eyes were swollen, and she wished today was Saturday already.
Cameron planned on telling Tammy at school what happened, and that she no longer had her phone either. Her Dad took it last night. Along with her Mack Book, iPad, and iPod. Cameron had no means of communication with the outside world once she got home. That meant she could not talk to Josh at all either. It wasn’t like she would see him at school.
Cameron was so unhappy. She felt alone too. When it came to her parents she felt like a failure. Cameron’s freedom was already scarce. Now that she was on punishment Cameron felt like her life was over.
Cameron told Tammy she could have her French fries while they were at lunch. Cameron didn’t feel too well. After everything that had happened, she just didn’t have much of an appetite. The smell of smell even made her want to gag.
Tammy felt sorry for her girl. She wasn’t about to say it. But she didn’t know why Cameron took such as big risk in the first place. Tammy had never seen Cameron like a guy this way. Cameron was the type to get want she wanted and then peel wheels.
‘So, you haven’t talked to Josh since your Dad kicked him out the house?’
‘Nope’ Cameron dryly replied.
‘I just want to see if he is okay.’ Cameron said, almost in tears.
‘Why wouldn’t he be okay? Your Dad press charges or something?’ Tammy asked her best friend.
Cameron just looked at Tammy, completely oblivious to what her girl was saying.
‘Cameron, please tell me you told Josh how old you really are.’
Tammy knew the answer to her question without Cameron even responding.
‘Cameron.’ Tammy just looked at her.

Josh had been trying to call Cameron all day. Her phone kept going straight to voice mail though. He knew that had something to do with her Dad.
Josh didn’t know what he was going to do. But he knew that something had to be done. Josh knew he couldn’t be on the register sex offenders list, if that’s what Cameron’s Dad was planning on doing. Josh wasn’t going out like that.

Cameron really owed Tammy this time.
Tammy gave Cameron her Straight Talk phone, so she could communicate with Josh and herself. After convincing Cameron that she didn’t need her phone. Cameron gave in and took it. Tammy told Cameron to call her house phone if she needed anything. And she planned on telling Roy the same thing. Even though Tammy knew Roy wasn’t going to call anyways.
Cameron was thankful for her girl. She had been so anxious to talk to Josh. Now that it was time too, she didn’t know exactly what to do. After calling the wrong number three times, Cameron finally got in contact with Josh.
‘Hello’ Josh answered the phone in a low key hostile voice.
‘Hey.’ Cameron was not expecting to hear Josh’s voice.
‘Hello!’ Josh yelled into the phone annoyed.
‘It’s me Cameron.’
Josh wanted to curse Cameron out as soon as he heard her dumb voice. But he decided to play it cool.
‘Oh, what’s up baby.’ Josh spoke into the phone.
‘Hey.’ Cameron said nervously.
It was silence on the phone for a few seconds before Josh asked Cameron was she okay. Not that he really cared.
‘Yes. I’m okay. Are you okay?’ Cameron asked Josh. Full of concern.
‘It ain’t nun. I’m cool. I’m cool.’ Josh said, nonchalantly.
‘So, what’s up with you.? Josh decided not to bring up Cameron’s age. But being that she hadn’t, only made him more pissed.
‘We’ll, I mean, I’m on punishment. So, I don’t know when I will see you again. Josh could hear the sadness in Cameron’s voice. He wasn’t phased.
‘I mean, I can still com through late night ya know.’ Josh’s whole goal was to get in Cameron’s house. This time, for the first time, he wouldn’t go empty handed either. He planned on dealing with Michael. By any means possible.
‘I wish. But my Dad put a code lock on the front and back door.’
Dang, that’s a bit extreme ain’t it? Josh asked, low key laughing.
‘Naw. My Dad nailing my bedroom window shut is what’s extreme.’ Cameron said, embarrassed.
They both laughed.
Josh and Cameron chatted for a for more minutes, until Cameron had to get off the phone.
Cameron turned off her lamp, and quickly jumped in bed. Just in case her Mom or Dad decided to walk in her room uninvited, she could play possum. She didn’t want to talk. Cameron could barely look at her parents, and they could barely look at her.
Cameron put Tammy’s Straight Talk for on silent, just in case.
Cameron felt better now that she had talked to Josh. She was glad he didn’t bring up her age, and that he wasn’t mad at her.
Now, she just had to find a way to possibly see Josh sometime soon.
But it would take some serious sneaking this time, because she was locked in her house.

The weekend…
The weekend was dreadful.
Cameron spent most of her time studying for her midterms in her room. She really wished Christmas break wasn’t around the corner. Cameron was not looking forward to being stuck in the house with her parents, during the Christmas holiday.
Plus, it wasn’t like the Walsh family was in perfect spirits.
Nicole didn’t even put the Christmas tree up yet. That was something Cameron and her Mom did together.
Josh and Cameron had been texting throughout the day, which made Cameron happy.
He was trying to convince Cameron to come to the laundry room window to talk to him later on tonight.
Cameron was hesitate. Josh may not have been scared of Michael, but Cameron was.
But on the other hand, Cameron really wanted to see Josh. Even if it was only for a few seconds.
Cameron didn’t know what to do.
After an hour of not replying back to Josh. Cameron finally texted him, ‘Okay.’
The butterflies in the pit of Cameron’s stomach were already fully at work. Cameron knew what Josh was coming to do. But she didn’t know If she could. If one thing went wrong, and Michael caught Josh there. Cameron didn’t even want to think of what else could happen.
Either way it was too late. Cameron had already given Josh the green light.
Cameron couldn’t even think straight.

After dinner, Cameron went back to her room. So, she didn’t know exactly what her parents were doing downstairs. It was Saturday though, so she knew her parents would be up late for sure.
When Cameron’s parents went to bed, she would go downstairs and unlock the laundry room window.

4 hours later….
Cameron’s parents had finally gone to bed. She wasn’t sure if it was her Mom or Dad, but someone had opened her door and stood there for a few seconds before going into their room. Cameron, we’ll she faked sleep until her door was closed all the way.
Cameron rolled her eyes. It was one thing if her Dad didn’t talk to her. But her Mom. Cameron knew she had made a mistake. But she did expect her Mom to be a little more understanding. Instead, Nicole said nothing. It was sad, because Cameron would have even preferred her Mom to yell at her, rather than to not say nothing at all. It had almost been a week, and her Mom did not say a word to her. ‘What parent does that?’ Cameron thought.

1 hour later….
Cameron had dozed off by accident. As soon as she woke up, Cameron grabbed her phone. She was shocked to see that Josh hadn’t even texted her. It had been two hours since she had talked to him.
Cameron kept calling Josh’s phone. But it just kept saying that the number was no longer in service. Cameron was confused.
When the thought of Josh possibly standing her up for another girl, Cameron instantly got mad.
‘Where is here? What is he doing?’ Cameron thought out loud.
After a few minutes of just laying there, Cameron decided to get up and go downstairs. The house was quiet, and she knew her parents had to be knocked out sleep by now. It was a little after two in the morning.
Before Cameron walked downstairs, she called Josh’s phone one more time. Same thing.
As soon as Cameron was about to grab her bathrobe to head downstairs. She heard her Mom or Dad pit patting in the hall way.
‘Ugh, go to bed.’ Cameron rolled her eyes at the door and set back down.
Cameron called Josh two more times.

Cameron didn’t know how long it was before she started to smell smoke coming from the hallway.
‘Is that gas I smell?’ Cameron thought.
Cameron turned towards her door and saw so much smoke.
Freaking out, Cameron yelled for her Mom and Dad.  Just like clockwork, Cameron heard her Dad calling her name.’
‘Dad! What’s going on?’ Cameron started to panic. She knew whatever was going on wasn’t normal.
‘Listen baby, I want you to stay in your room. Michael said through coughs. It’s a fire right outside your door. Stay calm, I’m going to get you out.’
Cameron could hear her Mom screaming her name.
Cameron started to cry hysterically through coughs.
She turned to her bedroom window and tried to lift the window up, even though she knew she really couldn’t.
Cameron called for her Dad repeatedly, but she got no answer.
Cameron quickly realized that she was trapped in her bedroom and started to panic!
Suddenly, Cameron could hear lots of sirens and horns outside her house. Relieved, Cameron tried  to find a way to help. She looked around her room and grabbed her vanity stool to try and break window. The window didn’t budge.
Cameron closed her eyes.
She told herself if she could just hold up a few more minutes until the fire men came in and rescued her she would be just fine.
In the distance, Cameron could hear both of her parents yelling her name.
To weak to yell, or get up to look out the window, Cameron just set there, trying to breath.
And then…
Michael and Nicole had watched their home blow up in flames with their daughter in it, right in front of their eyes.
Nicole knees gave out, and she hit the pavement.
Michael to caught up in his own sinking hole didn’t even see his wife on the ground.
It took six fire men to hold Michael back from running back into the burning house after his daughter.
‘Let me go!’
‘Let me go!’
Michael sobbed hysterically.
Falling to the ground in agony. Michael looked up at his daughters’ bedroom window.

2 months later…
Nicole ended up leaving Michael. The resentment was deep. When Cameron died, Nicole felt like someone took out her stomach and filled it with asphalt.  All Michael and her did after Cameron died was argue. They blamed each other every chance they got. They never once consoled one another. And once they found out Cameron was pregnant, Nicole could not look at Michael anymore. To her, Michael had killed her daughter, and Nicole felt like she was an accessory to it. She couldn’t stand herself most days. But she could not tolerate Michael anymore, and that’s why she left.
Michael ended up leaving the FBI.
Guilt consumed him. He didn’t care to solve another case in his life, when he couldn’t even protect his own daughter. Or maybe he protected her too much.
Michael knew who killed Cameron, in the attempt to kill him.
But too bad somebody else got to Josh before Michael did.
Or so, they say.

Every chain has a link. Be careful of the choices you make. RL&C.

The End.


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