Just On The Other Side (100 FOLD!)

Romans 10:17 So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Whew Chile! 2020 has been something else ain’t it?! And it’s still not over yet. I know a lot of people have shed some tears this year. Some for different reasons. Some for the same. I know that I have shed some myself. I can’t even say just a few. But one thang about it and two thangs for sure, God is going to make a way. And He is still in the blessing business.

I’ve always been a believer in Jesus Christ. I have felt Him, heard Him, and boy has He kept me. I realize that more now when I look back over my life. Even in the small thangs that He has blocked that could have been big if it wasn’t for Him that was on my side. I know those thangs weren’t just a lucky break. As my relaionship grows with God I am really understand and knowing what it is like to trust God in the waiting season.

In the years that I have had a relationship with God. In some way I was always looking for Him to show up in some way shape or form for something that I was asking for. Now, although I may ask, and manifest things while writing them down. Habakkuk 2;2 WRITE IT DOWN! Writing it down is the easiest part though. You have to speak it, work it, and still believe it. Even when it fails. Even when it hasn’t happened for you yet! And still thanking God in the darkest parts of it.

See, I now know in the midst of me waiting that God has already shown up. When I wake up. When I wake up in good health. When I see my husband in good health and happy spirits. When I look at my daughters and see them laughing and playing in good health. When I need to run to the store or the bank and the car starts, with a full tank of gas. When my family and I go out on weekend and we make it there safe and back home safe. God is showing up. Chile I am so grateful for the small thangs in life. I’m telling ya, it don’t take much for me these days.

When I can get in my king size, comfy cozy bed with this old snuggy that can’t seem to get rid of at the end of a long day with my husband I’m thankful. Hot water I’m thankful. Wifi, cell phone, tv, I’m thankful. Food and full bellies. I’m thankful for all the thangs we tend to over look until we no longer have them.

When I call home (Which can be 8 times a day) and hear both my parents voices I’m thankful. I’m thankful for the ipad where I’m able to see my family and my friends while being away. When I get that workout done I’m thankful. When the grocery store has he items that I need I am thankful! I’m thankful every single day that my husband walk back in that door from work. Safe, healthy, and still in love with his family.

I said all that to say this, trust God. I know it’s hard especially when you’re in the season of waiting. You may feel forgotten. Like you have been left on hold. But you gotta walk by faith and not by sight. You gotta just know.

I read and listen to the Word sometimes three times a day just to keep my mind afloat from all the bad thangs that the devil tries to force upon my thoughts. I will wake up to Tamela Mann and John P Kee before I allow the devil to start talking to me. I can feel the difference in my spirit. How I react and what I respond to. This has been a heck of a year. But I can’t count it all bad because the growth that I have experienced in so many aspects is remarkable. And I give all the glory to God.

God said, I will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Me. Isaiah 29:3. Having peace does not mean that noting is wrong. God gives us peace that surpasses all understanding. He gives us comfort way beyond our knowing. Just wait. Be still.

See you gotta know that Jesus is not a way. He is the way.

Keep going Chile! Don’t you dare give up and do not give in. It’s just on the other side.


Talk soon.?