Let Me Just Say This Real Quick!


Okay, really quick, because I’m about to get my nails done!


“Broken people break people. And opportunities. And bridges. And blessings. And….”

Man listen, the one thing life is going to make sure of, is that broken knows who you are. It can be sometimes, all the time, whatever! At some point in your life you will know broken. But, what do you do with that brokenness?

“But when we fail to process and pursue healing in our own lives, our small “broken” cracks become craters and chasms in our soul. We become BROKEN.”

Ask God for help! You cannot do it alone!

Now, as far as other people, it’s okay to help them. It is. Ya know, we need people. Everyone needs somebody! I. DO. NOT. CARE. WHAT. ANYONE. SAYS!! We all need somebody!!!

“It’s okay to be someone’s nurse in their healing process but don’t ever think you can be someone’s surgeon.”

It is not your responsibility to piece other folks back together! It’s not. That is not your responsibility. Don’t ever co- sign someone else’s dysfunctions. It is not your responsibility, nor is it your job to “fix” someone else. You will loose yourself trying to help someone else find themselves. You’re not God. Mm…K! You will become exhausted, drained, and angry trying to fix someone, who deep down doesn’t want to be fixed.
Everyone doesn’t wasn’t to change. Everyone doesn’t want healing.

Surround yourself with positive people, who say positive things, and do positive things!

God Speed.

I’m Just Saying…


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