Lets Get It! (Workout Regiment)

New week! New thangs! Or should I say new workouts. So, this weeks workouts are a tad bit different. I even had to Google/YouTube some of these workouts. I was like,’what in the world is this?’ So yeah, while working out you may need to whip out your phone or have your lap top on deck. I will. This week it looks like it’s a lot of glute (bootay) workouts! Lets get these buns toned then Chile! I see some AB workouts and some full body stuff going on too. Lets get it!

Also! Please make sure you’re drinking plenty of water now Chile.

Of course I have a workout journal!

Stay focused. Stay determined. Practice self- control and self- restraint. Do not allow the enemy to get you off your mark. Rebuke him, plead the blood of Jesus and keep doing you! Get out of your own way! It’s up to you. This isn’t a moment, it’s a lifestyle!

180 Burpees – 8 reps

Jumping Jacks – 50 reps

Bridges – 12 reps

Fire Hydrants – 26 reps

Donkey Kicks – 26 reps

Chair Squat Jump – 15 reps

Push Ups – 20 reps

Touchdown Squats – 22 reps

Sit Ups – 30 reps

Burpees 7 reps


Jump Squats – 30 reps

Marching Bridge – 15 reps

Donkey Kicks – 26 reps

Cross Over Lunge – 12 reps

Bottom Up Lunge – 12 reps

Push Ups – 20 reps

Walking Lunges – 15 reps

Jumping Jacks – 20 reps

Burpees – 7 reps


Burpees – 8 reps

Push Ups – 22 reps

Squats – 35 reps

Tuck Crunches – 30 reps

Jump Squats – 20 reps

Diagonal Squats – 15 reps

Squat to Abduction – 13 reps

Jumping Jacks – 40 reps


Chair Squat Jump – 30 reps

Push Ups – 20 reps

Donkey Kicks – 20 reps

Fire Hydrant – 20 reps

Burpees – 12 reps

Crunches – 35 reps

Jumping Jacks – 100 reps


180 Burpees – 8 reps

Lunges – 20 reps (each leg)

Push Ups – 20 reps

High Knees – 40 reps

Squats – 30 reps

Diagonal Squats – 30 reps

Walking Lunges – 20 reps

Tuck Crunches – 40 reps

Jumping Jacks – 30 reps


Bridges – 15 reps

Single Leg Bridge – 15 reps

Fire Hydrant – 15 reps

Donkey Kicks – 15 reps

Jump Squats – 15 reps

Walking Lunges -15 reps



Now I will NOT be outside this week. It’s suppose to be hot as you know what all week! Whew Chile! I’m talking 110 degrees hot. I will be doing some jumping rope for extra cardio but I’m fitna be inside the house doing it. Now please feel free to walk, jog, or run if the weather permits! Make sure you’re getting some cardio in now Chile. I’ll be in the house when you get back.

I’m Just Saying…

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