Love Day 2.0 (Happy Valentines Day!)


So! As you know, I did not post a ‘Sunday Jumpstart’ because I didn’t want to over post. I just don’t like post back to back to back.

Okay, so listen! I love me some Valentines Day. So you already know I had to say something to defend its honor and protects its pride! (Ha-Ha!) But we’ll get into that in a few minutes.

I may not have posted anything for ‘Sunday Jumpstart’ but I’m most definitely going to speak on ‘My Black Is Lit’ & #BlackExecellence while we  chit chat!

As you already know, to know me is to know I love music! And my Valentines Day playlists will be so lit.

ugh. I just love music!

Anita Baker! ‘Mind Body & Soul.’ Hands down, is my favorite! It just does something to my soul. Every time it comes on. I have to hear it all the way through. Even if it’s already been on repeat for the last hour. ‘Caught Up in the Rapture’ is my jam too. ‘You Bring Me Joy’ can go too now.

’Lazy Love’ by Neyo just came on on my play list. That’s a good Valentines Night Special jam. I’m Just Saying…

Now you know we can’t forget our Gerald Levertt! Laaaawd! That’s another one! He could put some hurting on some music too. I ain’t lying. ‘I Was Made To Love You,’ 

Hold up though!

Destinys Child, Cater To U just came on. I be jamming tonight. I don’t know about anyone else! But Michelles part is my favorite. I love what she says,

“…Let me cater to you. Cause your beautiful. I love the way you are. Fulfil your every desire. Your wish is my command. I wanna carter to my man.  Your heart, so pure your love shines throw. The darkness, we’ll get through. So much of me is you. I wanna cater to my man.”

Chile my playlist may go from Boys || Men, Ginuwine, Jacquees, DVSN, Maxwell, Kem, Mary J. Blige, Tevin Campbell, Jesss Powell. To Aretha Franklin, Berry White, Luther Vandross, Anita Baker, (Come on, you already know.)  Pattie LaBelle, Johnny Gill. Did I hear some one say, Al Green? Marvin Gaye? Ugh so so many people! #Music If I wrote about every song and every artist I loved and liked, this blog would not be the blog that I came here for! *Snickers*

So, yeah. Those are just a very small few folks that describe #BlackExcellence. Music that touches ya soul. Music that makes you feel. Music that allows you to express your love to your love one, when you can’t find your own words to describe it.

Okay!! now! Moving on….

#BTW When someone asks me who I’m rooting for. I’m rooting for anyone black.


Here goes….

Just SIT DOWN! I mean, have several seats! For real! I can not stand when people say. *Clears throat* ‘I don’t celebrate Valentines Day. Your suppose to love you spouse/partna everyday. Blah. Blah. BLAH!!! Girl! Please. Girl! Stop. Just stop. Ya giving me a headache Like no, for real. Stop lying.

You know dog on well if ya man/woman/ whateva laid out rose petals and gave you dozens of roses and a Tennis/Pandora/Alex&Ani bracelet you’d be posting  it on all ya social media sites. You’d might even get a blog just to blog about it. (Ha-Ha.) Say I’m lying!? If you’re not big on VDay, that’s cool. Do what floats ya boat, ya know. Everyone has their thang. I get it. That’s ya thang. You ain’t gots (No typo) to carry on about it to those who enjoy it. I’ll I’m saying is don’t bash it. Cause my in love butt don’t wanna hear it. And not to mention, you don’t have to be in a relationship to enjoy VDay. Me and my girls back in the day always did something cute and fun. Outside of that, I was getting money on VDay, always. #working Flipping them tables up in Applebee’s. (Good times.) But yeah, I would love to get cute VDay gifts for my girls. I’d give out cute little lubby dubby cards and what not!


People be lying!!!! And hating!!! Yeah. I said it, hating. AND WHO THE HECK SAID YOU HAD TO HAVE SOMEONE TO ENJOY VALENTINES DAY IN THE FIRST PLACE?! (Oh! I just said that! Hahaha! I laugh at myself.) 

People be salty!!! Salty! SALT LAKE CIT-TAY ALL DAY! I mean, why are you really mad? 

Sooooo….check this out. I’m a mom everyday right? So, do I not celebrate Mothers Day? Am I not suppose to expect some type of recognition from my husband and daughter on Mother’s Day because I’m a mom everyday???? CHILE! PLEASE! Should I NOT be excited about gifts, kisses, & appreciation???

I feel like you should celebrate life everyday! It’s a blessing! It’s a true blessing. So, does that mean I shouldn’t do nothing at all for my birthday???

I eatgood everyday! So on Thanksgiving should I just throw some hot pockets in the microwave???

I’m married everyday! But on my anniversary do we not celebrate each other, the years, the times shared. The mess, the greatness, THE TOGETERNESS because we married erday???

So! What I’m saying is, my man loves me everyday. I love my man everyday! But on Valentine’s Day I want gifts!!! I want presents received and given! Shoot!! What’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with celebrating and being happy? I love making Rob little cute candy treats.

FOR EXAMPLE: Get you a bag of gummy worms. And you put them in a cute packaging, to your liking, and write on a little card, or whatever. ‘Out of all the fish in the sea. I’m so glad you chose me. Hooked on you since 12-06-08.’ You don’t have yo spend endless amounts of money and all that blah blah blah, and whatever else folks be talking about. Or you can spend a lot of money. Do you! I ain’t mad at yours I enjoy VDay! Simple pleasures are life’s treasure!

(But yeah…)

BAMM! Straight like that. Pinterest Honey! Get into it. So plubic announcement…

Don’t nobody wanna hear. ‘He suppose to love you everyday.’ Be quiet! How you know what you doing everyday anyway!

So! If you have someone, and your in love, and happy. THEN BE THAT! If you want to post it, POST IT. Ain’t nobody made when you posting ya KOTD, or what you eating.  But they’ll complain when you posting about love. Live it, feel it, be it. And if you don’t have anyone and you want to spend VDAY dressed up, buying cute love gifts for family and friends! DO THAT TOO! Because I truly belive if they had it or received it, they’d share it too.

All the negative Nancy’s & bitter Brenda’s need to hush! I get people go through things in life. And it could be many of the reasons why they feel certain ways about certain things for whatever certain reasons. I mean, I get it. I’ve been there and done that. I sympathize and empathize with you. I understand. But nothing ever came from trying to steal others joy.

Happiness is beautifulness. Don’t cast out love. Love doesn’t hurt people! People do! #StayWoke

I’m Just Saying….

xOxO. #imissu


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