My Truth About Being Pregnant.

I’m just going to tell you the God knows truth, my truth.

I do not feel attractive at all when I am pregnant. I be like good God almighty sometimes when I look in the mirror. I felt this way with my first daughter and my daughter that I am pregnant with now.

My lips stay chapped, my neck is my husbands complexion. (Mmm. Nice and chocolate.) It looks like I just skip my whole neck region in the shower. My nose has grown pass the pregnancy nose, and I’m definitely not glowing. I don’t care how many face mask I use.

Whew Chile! Now, don’t worry. I promise I can say all this with a giggle and a smile. Trust me, I am too blessed and healthy (And the little one is healthy.) to be depressed about my appearance on that level. I’m just speaking my truth by saying I don’t feel at my best when I am pregnant. Don’t think that I am at home laid up and out pregnant and hating myself because of how I look. That’s so far from the truth. However, I want to tell the truth just in case their may be anyone else who feels like same. Chile! You’re not alone! I am here with you. (Michael Jackson voice.)

But the truth is that I cannot wait to drop this precious load and get back to me. I am 38 weeks pregnant and I am so ready. Like, I am ready ready! Mmm…k.

If you haven’t read my blog, “Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant” head on ova after this read and read my truth about this pregnancy and the struggle behind it. Thank you in advice.


I am super duper grateful about this pregnancy and this precious baby. I really am. I pray God knows that. I definitely don’t want to come off ungrateful at all. Even though I complain from time to time, because I do. I couldn’t say thank You enough. I really couldn’t.

But like I said, I don’t wear pregnancy well at all. Of anything pregnancy is wearing the heck out of me though! They say girls take all your beauty. Maybe that’s it? (Haha.) I feel like I look like a mess down bust down round here these days. I ain’t even about to lie.

I do love and appreciate how my husband compliments me though. He makes up for my false thoughts. He calls me sexy and what not. He doesn’t treat me any different or make me feel anyway I am not supposed to feel as his wife. Because I’m telling you I don’t feel like I’m all that and a bag of chips these days.

I don’t sit around and focus on my appearance because what is really important is my babies health and my health. And I am soooo thankful to God for that blessing. So, I definitely don’t dwell on it. But that is my truth about being pregnant.

But now that I am at the end of my pregnancy I am really feeling the urge to get back to me. Not to mention I feel like my skin has stretched beyond its capacity. I had my first at 35 weeks due to her position. She was transverse, they wanted to take her as soon as they could so I wouldn’t go into labor. So, I’ve never pregnant this long!

Are you a mom? Did you feel like this? How did you feel as a woma, a pregnant woman? Lets chit chat!

Once I have the baby, I know that I am going to want to get back to my prebaby weight. I mean, who doesn’t? But I will not rush myself nor be hard on myself. I think we overlook how serious being pregnant and giving birth is, trying to keep up with what we see on social media. I will be getting back to my pre pregnancy eating habits for sure though and then as the months pass I will eventually get back to working out when my body allows me to.

But I will not be trying to keep up or catch up with everyone else’s “snapback.” No ma’am! No how! That’s half the problem with folks. I won’t and refuse to make that my problem.

I’m Just Saying…



Good luck & God bless to all the mommas out there.

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6 thoughts on “My Truth About Being Pregnant.

  1. I love the honesty here! I don’t have children and have never gone through a pregnancy so I don’t know how you must feel but your post makes me empathize so much! Most of my female friends who have children have pretty much said the same thing as you so you are not alone!

    Sending love and best wishes to you!

    1. I’m glad I’m not alone in this. We strive for perfection soo much when it comes to appearance ya know. Thank you so much for reading! ♥️

  2. Hah! You’re funny! Considering the positive outlook and sense of humor you have about your pregnancy, I’m betting you’re going to have a very happy baby! Thanks for the smiles 🙂

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