NAILS DONE! HAIR DONE! (Product Junkie.)

Hey Chile!!!!

SO! It’s Sunday night. It’s exactly 8:54 p.m. here. So, back home its 11;54 p.m. Isn’t that crazy?! I’m used to it, but then again, I’m not. Ya get what I’m saying? I be about to call someone sometimes, and then be like, neva mind. Now, just to gone ahead and get this on out the way, don’t be surprised if you get this tomorrow morning, or tomorrow night, ok!? I’m just keeping it real with ya.

I have a face mask on now, I need to wash it off. #Brb.

Okay, so earlier while I was in the kitchen, my Husbae was coming down the steps and said, (Clears throat, mocking him in his deep voice.) ‘Why am I paying for nails every two weeks, when you have over 801 finger polishes in every color and every brand.’ I, myself just burst out laughing. EXCUSE ME!!! It’s ridiculous for real. It looks like I’m running a nail salon around here. He walking around like someone stole his TV remote. It’s a huge Kate Spade bag, at the bottom of the steps. I want to put maybe two racks up in ‘My Room’ for all my nail polish. Or some of it at least. I’m still unpacking, organizing, and decorating. And I do believe I will still be doing two things out of the three when it’s time to pack up and move again. Ha-ha! For real though.

Ya’ll! I done been gone for about 15- 20 minutes. I went to go sing and kiss up on Naomi. Rob just put her in her room. She fell asleep on him while they were down stairs. I just stare at her sometimes. She is everything. I can’t believe she’s mines. Like, God has truly blessed me. On the worse days, she’s the best thing. On the best days, she the best thing. She’s just the best. #ItsNoWords #AMothersLove

So yeah, Rob was like, I mean, you have all that nail polish. All  could do was kiss him. He’s  right! But I’m spoiled, so. (Tee-Hee.)

True story…
I keep my nails done. The longest I have ever gone without getting my nails done, was when I was pregnant. I could not get with the smell without feeling like I would earl everywhere. I got my nails done twice when I was pregnant. I know one time for sure was when I had my maternity photo shoot. I think the time before that, was when I discovered that I couldn’t handle the smell. I don’t be going no where half the time, but I have to keep myself together. NOW! I ain’t walking around the house with no kitten heels, and a silk bathrobe on, but I try and do a little sum n sum n. Ya feel me. I walked around today in a sports bra I breast fed Naomi in. You know how those bras look right? We’ll either way, my boobs aren’t a G anymore, so the bra wasn’t the cutest. Put it like this, I wouldn’t wear it on Valentine’s Day. (Ha-ha. why is that so funny to me?)  And I had on some sweat pants. But I had that hair laid, mascara on and that lip liner lined up just right. Now! Another thing. Sometimes, er now and then, I might look like a knocked off Lucy round here. I be scared of myself! But my baby still tells me I’m beautiful and that he loves me. #IAppreciateThat He be laughing when he says it, but he says it though. (Ha-ha!) I told him once before. ‘You ain’t gots to lie to kick it bruh, we married now.’ Haha!!! It’s all love. We joke a lot.

(I stay telling a thousand stories in one. Geesh.)

Random thought: My two jams right now is, DVSN, Morning After & H.E.R, Focus.

True story. (Take Two.)
I worked at Sally’s Beauty Supply when I first moved to Cleveland. I planned on either working a little side job and going to school full time or working at a hospital full time and taking a semester off from school. (And I do mean semester. I just needed enough time to figure out what school I was going to, and how much it would be.) But God, he had other plans for me. HEY! THAT RYHMES!! GO BACK AND READ IT!! *Drop a beat to it!
I worked at Sally’s until I was 7 months pregnant. I took months just to get Naomi’s stuff together, my mind right to the best of my ability, and date Rob. Chile, we had it going on. He was on recruiting duty (Horror music plays.) I had just moved to Ohio. I got knocked up and married all at once. I ended up going back to work (I enjoyed it.) only on Sundays, maybe two or three times a month. It was my little ‘Me Day’ from 12:30-6. I’m gonna keep it real with you, I done got spoiled. I used to go home and be dead tired. You’d think I’d been picking cotton all day. I ain’t lying Chile. I wouldn’t say I have gotten lazy. That is definitely not a characteristic of mines. But I done got something.
We used to get free samples galore! Sally’s is a good company to work for I feel. You just better pay, wish upon and star, and cross ya fingers and toes that ya manager is good. The hours suck. But I didn’t have to deal with that, being I worked only on Sunday’s. While I was pregnant, it was sometimes rough working from 12:30-900, but I was also used to it. I’ve always been a busy body. But being I had the option to not work, I went ahead and took a chill pill, shoot. I got majority of all the finger nail polish from coupons specials that ran for the entire month and then I would use my employee discount on top of that. And, like I said, the free sample were so legit. Like, I’d work there just for the products again. I’ve racked up on tons of makeup and pedicure stuff from there too. I’m a product junkie. I cannot help it. It’s literally about 6 boxes, of just my stuff that is filled up with, hair, face, feet, this, that, and the third product. Plus, I have doll baby’s hair now. And we don’t use the same hair products. Naomi has tight curls, and her hair is dryer than mines, because it is so curly. And that stuff is thick too. My hair is thick too though. Some of those products are trail and error products. WHICH! I have come a long way with that. I told myself in 2018, I would start taking stuff back to where I got it, if I didn’t like it, need it, etc. And so far, so good. I take it back. I exchange it or return it. No more collecting mess that is not beneficial to me. I be feeling so accomplished too. It feels good to not just throw money away.
As far as the nail polish though ya’ll. I paint my toes sometimes, and I do Naomi’s all the time. That lady loves to get her nails done. She’s getting really good at it too. The other day, she picked out her color, set there, and waited on her nails to dry.

ME: ‘Go on gal!!’
NAOMI: She puts her hand upon her hip.
ROB: Take ya hand up off ya hip!!

Nite, nite Chile!
Sweet dream.

Don’t forget to say your prayers. Thank God for making it through another day. It could always be worse.

I’m Just Saying…

p.s.  I love you Superman oXoX.