New Idea!

Hello Lovers,

Soooo for me my best ideas come to mind when I’m lying in bed at night trying to get to sleep. That is unless I’m super-duper exhausted, then I just pass out! Like I’ve literally had to grab my phone and go to my notes to jot down everything I’m thinking at that moment so in the morning I won’t be like” what was I thinking?” That’s so annoying! Trust me I have learned the hard way.

For those who have been following me since day one pretty much knows how I run RedLipstick&Cammies, and if you’re new to this it will only take you two good reads to see how dope this military wife and mom is! (Hahaha…me of course! Duck lips.) However, you will also see the growth and the bitter sweet times of me too. I wrote a blog a few days ago called UNLOCKED DIARY and that blog was me opening up about how I allowed people’s views on how I choose to live my life as a woman and a wife dictate my thoughts when I lay down at night. Unlocked Diary was a blog written with a lot of emotion, I felt everything I said.

So the point I’m trying to make is whenever you see Unlocked Diary as a title know that you are in for a serious ride on what you are about to read. Unlock Diary will be a blog about me, only me! My truths! My faults! My wrongs! My uplifts! My accomplishments! Personal experiences! Personal feelings! Real feelings! There will not be a title to give you a slight idea of what I’m writing about. All I can say is read it. I write about a lot of things in RedLipstick&Cammies. However, I want to always be honest with you! No beating around the bush over here hunny! So if you’re enjoying RedLipstick&Cammies thus far I’m here to tell you, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Be on the lookout for Unlocked Diary every now and then!

Thank you all for the love & support.

Remember no one has to like it for you to love it…

I’m Just Saying…