I’m feeling all Octoberish and what not!

Hey Chile! How are you doing today love bug? Can you believe it’s October already? 2018 has been a year of low lows  and high highs! And BOOM, just like that it’s about to be a whole new year. Like, yo, 2019 is right around the corner and around the block! Fall is my faaaavorite season. I will always choose the fall over any other season at any given time. The colors, the feeling, the smell. All three play a major impact on a few memories for me. Fall is so cozy to me ya know. My house is already lit with pumpkin pie plug ins, and you know I gots my candles lit. I’m big on fall smells and fall flower arrangements. It’s lit, and comfy cozy in the Jones haven. Candles give me a sense of tranquility. In every part of the day there is a candle lit somewhere in this house, believe that. I don’t know when I came to love candles the way I do. But I do think that fall is my favorite time to light them.

So, anyways, what is on your agenda this month? I really want to bake this holiday season. I want to get into some sweet tooth goodies. One of my homegirls knows exactly what she is doing in the kitchen when it comes to the sweets. I think I’m going to ask her to show me a thang or two. I’m excited! And most of all, I get so hype seeing Naomi happy about the cutest little things. 💞

Ugh. I forgot what I was about to say! Err. I’m sorry. I’m currently binge watching Power, again. I lost focus. As if I haven’t seen every episode a hundred and one times already. Are you the type to watch the same movie or show over and over again? Chile, I will run something into the dirt. I can even read a book over and over again. Every time I pick up a book and read it again, I find out something new. I fall in love with characters in a book just like I do when I’m watching tv. I just feel like  books are more intense. Books can tell the whole story.

This is so random, but I’m not eating any sugar until the holidays role around. Meaning, I’m eating clean until about a week before Thanksgiving. We’ve been partying harty around here a lot lately. It’s been one birthday after another. So cake has been on my agenda a lot more than I want it to be. (Ha.) So, yeah. I’m about to buckle down. I get hype about the tasks I set for myself. Especially after seeing results and maintaining them. If I haven’t learned anything at all, I have learned that eating healthy and drinking plenty of water is the key to weight lost. For me it is anyways. Let me speak for myself. Different strokes for different folks right?

Okay! So, listen. I have gots to share this with you! ROB AND ME BECAME GODPARENTS THIS WEEKEND!! And I am so honored and happy that our friends wanted us, trusted us with someone so precious to them. For the record we take GodParenting very serious around here. It’s obvious. I mean, look who we chose to be Naomi’s GodParent. I’m so happy. My husband and me are making memories together in so many ways. I so proud of us! Yippy!!! God is so good.

Can I tell you a short little story? (Clears throat.)

Before Rob and me got married, I used to day dream about us being married. So silly right? Ha. So real. I would lay in bed at night and just day dream. Thoughts upon thoughts. I never thought about us being GodParents together. I think it’s cute. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I could tell Rob was super excited and just as flattered as me! WE LIT!!

Oh yeah…

Last, but certainly not least, get you some rest Chile! REST not sleep. Please get to know the difference. I believe we have had this conversation before. Seems like a lot of people are exhausted and tired. So, I’ll say it again. Get you some rest. This is my type of rest:

1. House decor! I love decorating my home. And right  now, you better believe that every room in this house has a touch a fall. I love how a room can look so bland and then I bring it to life.

2. Walking it out! I really enjoy walking. I don’t just walk to get my cardio in before or after my workouts. I also walk because I enjoy the California desert scenery while breathing in some Jesus air. I’ve always found walking peaceful.

3. I get a little anxious when my face  mask start running low. I love pampering my skin with face masks, scrubs, lotions, etc. There is nothing like a face mask first thing in the morning and one at the end of the night before or after a shower.

4. BLOGGING! Duuh!

5. Reading. Of course!

6. Writing & doing Workbooks. Who would have ever thought? Ha.

So yeah. That’s my little doo-wop right there. Just a few things that make me happy. Things that give me rest.

I pray this month is everything you need and want it to be. 








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