On Base

A childhood memory…

So, I don’t know if you know or not, but I am a military brat. My Dad did twenty something years in the Air Force (Go Dad.!) Before my brother and me moved to Virginia, we lived in San Antonio Texas. I remember that place the most. I’ve been to a lot of places. I was born in Missouri and my brother was born in California.
And now look at me, I’m still traveling because I married a Marine. What do ya know. My grandmother married a service man. My grandfather is retired Air Force, My Dad Air Force (Like I said.) and my Husbae a Marine. I promise you it was not planned. My Mom met my Dad before he went to the Air Force. And yeah, I knew Rob before he was a Marine.
Yeah Chile, I been round for a long time.
But one place that brings back a lot of memories for is Fort Lee Army Base, in Price George County, in Virginia. Back home basically.
We’ll when my family and I moved to Virginia we used to grocery shop at the commissary on base all the time. My parents still do til’ this day. I remember my brother and me used to fuss about who was going to push the cart. Sometimes my parents would buy so much food (I really understand now as an adult, haha.) that we would have two carts. My brother and me used to love that. We both had a cart to push!!
Sometime my Mom and Dad would let my brother and me get shrimp from the sea food part there. I would ask them to always put extra O’Bay seasoned on my shrimp. My Mom would get crab legs and share them with me.
When I was a kid that base was so huge to me!
I used to like going to the PX too. Plus, the food court would be pretty good.
I used to love going to Fort Lee. We would make a whole day out of it, even maybe stop and see and family member or friend.
Then, I got older and met Rob. He went into the military and was stationed there for like three months I believe, for some type of schooling. Then he got orders to Japan. We used to hang out on the weekends, and then his Ma would take him back on base, and I would ride along. A few times we met up and ate at the food court together. He would ‘take me to lunch.’ So cute. He would always get a cinnamon bun. Wow!
All those memories seem so long ago. But then again, they feel just like yesterday. It’s crazy. I’ve spent my whole life affiliated with the military. As a child, I grew up living on bases. And I never thought, that one day I would be raising a child on one too. It’s crazy to me. How things turn out in life, ya know.

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