First thing first! I really hope that you enjoyed my short story. I am really excited about this new thing that I am cooking up. Practicing patience and trusting Jesus.

Why! Do I keep thinking today is Friday? Ugh! It’s so annoying.


I know I did not post yesterday. I am so sorry for those who were expecting something from me. I had to take care of some business Chile. Plus, yesterday was a real lazy day! I needed it. Sometimes you have to listen to your body, ya know.

I’m getting my grove back as far as working out. And I am focusing on eating better. Which, for those who know me personally know I am not really a junky eater. BUT, sometimes I gets way out of hand with the Kool-Aid and flaming hot Cheetos, and gummy bears.

Chile, I wish I could just swim in a ocean of all three of my favorites.

My body feels so much better all ready. But to tell you the truth. I am so over this cucumber water. I have been drinking that for weeks. I love me some water though. That is one thing that I do not struggle with. I am thinking about making some pineapple water though. I had it once at this hotel we stayed at when we drove across the dang country, and it was bomb Chile. So, yeah. That’s a thought.

I am washing clothes at the moment. While Naomi, we’ll Naomi is being Naomi. My sweet wittle baby doll.

But the Husbae just walked in the house. Him on his lunch break.

Gotta. Go!

I pray you have a day that is just as beautiful as you Chile.

I’m Just Saying…


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