Play List

Okay. Sooo yesterday was laundry day and I wasn’t in the mood for the TV so I didn’t even turn it on. I plugged my phone up to the charger and went to Pandora. Pandora was jamming yesterday, let me tell you. When I say I had a party of one, well technically two. You know Naomi be doing her thang! With all her cuteness. She’s my back up singer, sometimes she will try lead though.

The first song that came on was Frankie Beverly Before I Let Go “You made me happy. This you can bet. You stood right beside me, yeah. And I won’t forget. And I really love you. You should know. I wanna make sure I’m right, girl. Before I let go.” You talking jamming. I took me forever to fold clothes but I promise you Naomi and me were live in concert! So after that went off Jennifer Hudson,  Giving Myself  came on, “ I never been who I wanted to be. I never felt completely free. No ones ever had all of me. Or made me feel so beautiful and sexy. Now I’m flying like an airplane. Now I’m riding on the open range. Now I’m living out my destiny. I know the truth, I got it all in you and me.  Ohhhh…I’m giving myself over to you. Body and soul. I’m giving it over. I’m giving myself over to you now.” Let me tell you! Let me tell you something!!!! I downloaded that song a played the thang like seven times, Naomi quit her part time job as my back up singer and went to sleep. I left her little behind in the dust. Man this song is everything to me!!! I love being married, I love being a wife, I love having a husband. I love it, I love it, I love it. I’ so thankful to God! He is the for real. Jesus is my jam. I know this is not luck at all. I look around me and I know its only God who can make such things possible. If you are happy, be happy. Don’t allow miserable folk to rain on your parade! If we as women can  sit up and talk on the phone all night about how our man  has done us wrong, then whats wrong with a women staying on the phone all day talking about how her man is doing her right? If someone can be a candidate for “sorry men” well I’m a candidate for good men. (AND NO I DO NOT BELIEVE ALL MEN CHEAT, ARE ALL WOMEN FAITHFUL???…blog coming soon, just wait.) I won’t allow the cricked ways of the world or the things I’ve been through to consume my mind and lifestyle. I know what God has done in my life and when I tell you every tear, every broken heart, and every bit of doubt was well worth it! Cause God broke the bank with this one! And I could never be more grateful.

So listening to the words of this song made me feel like I was dancing with my husband right there, Naomi being out in the crowd as our #1 fan!

Just listen to this part! “For the first time. I can stand in front of someone. FINALLY! I can be me. I can just let my love spill over. I can cry. I don’t have to lie. I can finally let someone all the way inside. All the way. All the way, baby.  All the way. All the way.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Giving myself all the way over to you! (And yes i hit every high note.)

Enjoy being in love and enjoy the love music too while you at it shoot. God knows I’ve had my share of Eric Bennett (Sometimes I Cry,) Anthony Hamilton (Her Heart,) Luther Vandross (Superstar,) Lord knows the list goes on please believe me!!

Love & Life…

I Love You Husband


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