Preying Mantis

*Some of you probably think this is about to be a deep, profound blog, because of the title. Believe me, it’s not. 

I have got to tell you this story!!! It’s a must! It’s been a very, very exciting day thus far, we are having visitors!!!! *Yaaaay* But I had to take a break to tell you this! I should be embarrassed.


Okay, so Naomi and me had to run a few errands today before the day officially starts with the fun festivities! *Ooooo!! I’m soooo excited*

Anyways *I’m laughing* I was starting to unload the car, but first I went to go unlock the door. I opened the door and then I looked down! I felt like it was looking at me. And there is was, THIS HUGE TAIL PREYING MANTIS!!!!!!! I completely freaked out to myself!! *Ive been working on self-control obviously to have been able to accomplish that. I just don’t want Naomi to be scared, because I’m scared* I was like oooohhhh nooo, i ran to the car, I opened the door and jumped in.  I was breathing all hard in a panic! I looked back at Naomi and she was looking at me like, “what’s wrong with you lady.” *Hilarious* So I kind of sorta calmed down and called the leasing office, *I cannot believe I did that* And I actually asked Kelly (Leasing Agent) to send maintence! *Hahahahaha, I’m weak* Kelly is like April they are on a priority call. *The shade* I’m like, “this is a priority* Needless to say, that approach did not work. So I set in the car, and I’m like, “I’m going to see a neighbor at some point” I’m waiting for someones garage to go up, I’m waiting for a neighbor to be walking their dog, and guess who I see!!!!??? The Fed Ex man!!!!! I politley asked him could he remove the bug from the front of my door. He responded, Sure no problem ma’am. I told him that I would kindly wait on him to deliver his packages first. He relied, “thank you.” So Naomi and me waited not even 10 minutes and there he was. I remained in the car. *Hahaha. He gently picked up the prey mantis and  placed it on the ground by some bushes. He said, “see there you go.” He walked through the grass, waved,hopped in his truck, and kept it moving! *I set there and laughed at myself sooo hard that I literally had to run in the house so I wouldn’t pee on myself*. I don’t know if the nice guy had a wife or girlfriend or not, but I’m sure him and his family/friends will get a good laugh, thanks to me. I’m sure he will tell someone that I was that I couldn’t even move or move around the preying mantis.

In all honestly, I really don’t like being scared of anything. That’s not a spirit that God gave me. Pray for me.

The sad thing is, those that know me well, are not shocked at all by this story. I’m really that afraid of insects! I have gotten better with very few things, but I’ve come a long way. If it’s a bug that crawls, I can kill it. Depending on the size though!!!! But I haven’t gotten to that  point, YET, where I can come near a bug that can hop or fly!  Like I said, pray  for me!

Anyways! I have got to get back to what I was doing, I haven’t quit checked off everything on my list.

Have a blessed weekend folks! Happy Veterans Day!

If you ever need a good laugh, pay attention to yourself long enough. *Hahaha*

I’m Just Saying