Raise Your Frequency

Chile listen, these days you have to stay prayed up and meditate in self-care. I say it all the time. It is necessary and it is a need! The need for prayer and self care is very crucial to me.

Life is a blessing. But life is hard. The day to day chaos and crazy can take a toll on you, but only if you allow it. There are a multitude of thangs that you can do to keep you afloat in the strain of life and the problems that come with it. I’ve heard this saying before and I completely agree with it word for word. “It’s not your fault that you’re F’d up. But it’s your fault if you stay F’d up.” Your mind constantly running circles around you because you’re always trying to figure out your next best move. Your past hunts you at night. The sleepless nights are worrying you down and your anxiety basically has anxiety now. And then there’s those thangs that we have to take accountability for. The decisions and choices we’ve made that have hindered or harmed us in some sort of way. The very thangs that you claim don’t bother you, bother you the most. But in time and with necessary priorities all that can change. Keeping busy is some of our best ways to cope and deal. Some of our plates are so full from always wanting to say no, but it never seems to turn out that way. Your no’s become yes and you’re rung out like a rag. Some of us spend so much of our time loving on and caring for others that missing a beat with ourselves is like second nature.

Start taking care of you! You know all that loyalty that you have for them and they. We’ll get a little mmph of that for yaself Chile! If your loyalty to everyone else makes you dishonorable to yourself, then I think you may need to start doing some subtracting and dividing in ya life.

I mean...

Stop carrying people who should be carrying themselves. Stop jumping ship for repeat offenders. Listen! Everyone is not your assignment! Some folks will drag you right to hell with them if you let em. Despite all of their mess. You remain loyal to a fault. Know when to throw in the towel. Some people are just dead weight. I mean, call a spade a spade Chile. Sometimes it is what it is! You cannot take everyone with you. You just can’t! You know that person who calls your phone and your like, ‘Ugh oh, here we go again.’ Ya know those folk or certain person who you have to be in the mood to talk to? ‘It’s poor hygiene to give everyone access to you.’ (If that ain’t the dog on truth.)

Ask yourself this question. The same people that call on you when it’s a 911, can you call on them for your 911? You cannot be everyone’s 911. Now, that may sound harsh. But Chile, hear me when I say that it is the truth. The days of being stressed out about other folks problems and not being able to tend to mines is ova. I let that redundant insanity go years ago. I’m not saying it was always easy or fair. Someone will always be a casualty to the bull crap. But I started making sure it was not me.

‘Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Fall in love with the path of deep healing. Fall in love with becoming the best version of yourself but with patience, with compassion and respect to your own journey.’

…your own journey.

I’m Just Saying...

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