Let me tell ya, let me tell ya!! Sleepless nights will give you an anxiety attack. Sleepless nights will have you stressed and by the time the morning time comes you will be depressed wanting to call your doctor, or better yet, calling on the Lord. Sleepless nights will have you worried, worried about things that have not even happened but you are afraid of them happening. Sleepless nights will have you up thinking about folks you haven’t thought about in years. Sleepless nights will have you wondering what if he, what if she, what if they, what if this, what if that, what if…by the time you done with a sleepless night you tired from being sick and tired about everything that you just spent hours up thinking about! You turn the T.V on and if you get lucky you’ll get into that and then doze off without even remembering, but when the devil is really busy he will make sure that QVC is on every channel trying to sale you the latest fashion. Boring! So there you go; thinking! Either you turn the TV off, or you keep it on and guess what you still doing; thinking! At least you have an option of turning it on or off, because Lenny Williams watched the TV until the TV cut off! Lord, poor thang he had it bad! (For those who do not know Lenny I really suggest you get your music game up, Old school style that is!)

Okay, all jokes aside a sleepless night is not healthy! It’s not healthy at all and I have experienced it toooo many times to count, but I have come up with a master plan! Prayer is my rmedy!! The devil does not want anyone to pray and I know this because when I use to wait to get in bed at night and pray next thing I know its morning time and I done fell asleep on Jesus! So now when I get in the shower I turn my gospel music on and start my prayer. For myself, my husband, my daughter, my mother, my father, my brother, close family members, distant family members, friends, close friends, long lost friends, people I know, people I don’t know, and when I got even closer to God I started praying for those who consider their selves my enemy. Now as you see I said people who consider their selves my enemy. Now don’t get me wrong its a few people that I prefer not to be around, but I don’t hate anyone. I can’t stand the devil though!!!!

Now me praying in the shower is one of my me time, it’s a part of my life. I’m not talking about showering duuuh you gots to bathe; I’m talking about talking to Jesus! It’s a necessity to me, a need a want, a must! And I don’t like falling asleep on Jesus! That cannot happen in the shower so hey there you go, killing two birds with one stone. I feel super refreshed to end the night with the Lord. It’s important to start and finish your day with Him!

So like I was saying, I done found me a remedy! I woke up the other night to use the bathroom (all this water has me up all night going back and forth to the toilet.) I knew before I made it back to the bed that it was going to be one of those nights. I proceeded to get in the bed and I just laid there. I started thinking about my daughter, what if…I got that out my head quick! I told myself, “April not on this good night, we not doing this taaaa-night!” Then before I knew it I was thinking about Rob, my husband, the love of my life deploying overseas. Errr! Why! Now as some know I’ve been in that situation with Rob already he’s deployed twice, but now we have outr munchkin, it’s a whole other level. The things that went through my mind I REFUSE TO SPEAK ABOUT THAT, I PRAYED ALL THAT MESS AWAY! I SHUT IT DOWN THAT NIGHT! SO I CAN NOT SAY! However, it wasn’t pretty! I was in that room lying by my husband and I pulled the cover off of me because I was so caught up in those evil thoughts that I started to get hot. I left those insane thoughts about my husband and started worrying about my parents, Lord let me tell you! After I left those absurd thoughts I started thinking about my brother! Good God! by now I was outside of myself! I started thinking about everything, and when I say everything, I do mean EVERYTHING! I will just say this, I attended way to many funerals and I was at to many hospitals in one setting!

But God….

I started to pray and what do you think happened? When I woke up again it was time to hit the gym. I didn’t even hear Rob get up for work. I was tied. No! Not tired, but TIED!! MMM…K! Ya girl was too through with the night before. See the devil didn’t want me to pray so he shut that down quick and let me go to sleep!!

Now! Let me tell you good folk about last night!! Now like I said I’m on this drinking a whole gallon of water kick and I be up at night in that bathroom like I’m 10 months pregnant! So last night when I tell you I got in that bed and I already knew what the devil had in store for me I threw his dumb self a curve ball! I started praying expeditiously! See I don’t know about you but I know who keeps me! Ya heard!! I got the praying and I won’t lie he tried it. So I gots the praying out loud!! Rob was sleep but he heard me and he briefly woke up and said, “huh.” I told him go back to sleep!! I shut the devil down in less than two minutes tops!! See I use to be scared but I don’t play these games, not anymore!! And if the devil can read I hope he reads this!! LET ME SAY IT SLOW! I-AM-NOT-SCARED-OF-YOU! I fell asleep and slept like Naomi!! Like a baby! And I woke up this morning an hour and twenty minutes early! Feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!! I started my day feeling good! See a lot of people say they believe in God but they don’t believe in what He can do! He will give you peace and rest at night! Rest is better than sleep!

So listen to me! Don’t let the devil worry your pretty little head! He is liar from the pits of hell! Send his silly self on back! Because when prayers go up! Blessings come down! And he don’t like that (in my baby voice) he is a wimp a coward!! A lot of times we give the devil the power to disturb us! I’m not having it! No more! Not up in my house! Not in my place of peace! Not as much as I cook and clean up in there! I’m raising our daughter in my house! I make love to my husband in that house! The devil he cannot and will not live up in there if I have anything to do with it! And I have everything to do with it! So prayer is my remedy late at night when the devil thinks he just gone come up in my house, up in my room, up in my bed, up in my head and disturb my peace!! The devil is a lie! My question to you is will you let a thief in the night come in your house without handling your business? I think not! But guess what the devil is a thief!! He comes to kill, steal and destroy and he don’t fight fair! So you better get your armor out and get the praying!! You aint’t know? You better ask somebody!!

I suggest you shut the devil down before he shuts you down!

I’m Just Saying…

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