She Changed Me

You know, I became a new person when I moved from Virginia to Ohio. I can’t really give you details when I first got here because everything happened so fast once we found out I was pregnant, and I got pregnant really fast, liiiiiike right when I got here. Hahaha.  What do you know, pregnant.

At that moment I felt old pieces of me begin to shed off. For the first time in my life I felt like I really needed to be responsible. I have always been driven and gunhoe about the things that I’ve wanted to achieve in my life. I love the feeling of checking off a to do list. But when I felt Naomi moving inside of me, I knew that every master plan for my life would be dictated around Naomi and her life. Every thought was centered around her, and still is now.

I have learned in life that some women look at parenthood as a end all of everything.  I feel sorry for you. My life had just began when I had Naomi.

I got to know me. The honest me. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I wanted to know me so I would know who I wanted Naomi to be around. You get what I’m saying? I mean I know what I’m trying to say. See, one thing that is very important to me in raising my daughter, is leading by example in me teaching her morals, values, right and wrong. I’m not the mother who justifies questions by saying, “Do as I say and it as I do.” No! I refuse to live by that motto. If I want Naomi to be honest and have self-awareness, then I, myself need to show her, not just tell her.

If I want Naomi to have self-control and/or self-discipline then I need too as well abide by those characteristics.

Being a parent is by far the hardest most rewarding job there is! Stop making excuses for it. When God blesses you with a gift  such as a child, you should honor it with every being in you. Will you be perfect at it! (I’m laughing.) Heck no!!!!! Am I perfect? No I am not. But one thing that I will take pride in as being her mother is, just that, being her mother.

However, being her mother does not  give me a pass to speak to her disrespectfully! That means cursing at your child, “Shut the (beep) up.” “Sit the (beep) down.” Now if someone spoke  to you how some mothers speak to their children they’d be ready to fight. Sooooooo, what makes you think you can speak to your child that way and in turn expect to be respected by them! Your child will become rebellious and may even grow to not trust you or your unstable actions.

The whole, “He/She is just a child” talk. Yes, are kids are kids, but they’re definitly not just kids. They are people, human beings, they also have emotions. Their worries may not be our worries, but they worry. Their fear may not be our fear, but they can too be scared. What you don’t want is those worries, or fears be because of you.

How Naomi feels matters to me. When Naomi talks (even now, with the gibber, jabber) I listen. She’s trying to tell me something. Whether you know it or not, or take the time to think about it, our babies are always trying to tell us something. We have to listen! We need to listen to understand our children not just listen to hear them.

Being away from home, I clinge to Rob juuuuuuust a little bit tighter. He’s the one person, the only person that I can soley rely on, the only person I can’t trust. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am very independent. I understand that my husband is working hard providing for his family, so I don’t complain about the simple things. Hahaha!!! I meeeaaaannnn not ALL the time anyways. (I love you baby.) Put it like this, I don’t bore easy, at all! And I’m very self-reliate. There is always something to do in my mind! So I definitely, definitely have a full plate!

I’m on full go mode from the time my feet hit the floor, well I should say once Naomis feet hit the floor.

Each of my love bugs get pieces of me throughout the day. Whether I’m supporting Rob at an event or cooking one of his favorite meals, to being All Star mom to Naomi. That little girl sleeps through the nights and gets up at 9:30 a.m. (sharp) most of the time. By 11:33 a.m. Naomi’s tired and I am too! She takes about a 45 minute nap. Most of the time I’ll be reading. Once Naomi gets up, I quickly wish I would have turned that book in for a pillow and took my book worm self to sleep. See Naomi gets up at 9:30 a.m. BUT, I get up no later than 8:30 a.m.  Some days I may get up at 7 o’clock easily, and then there’s those days when I’m struggling to get up at 8:30. Most days I’ll get up before Naomi to have some quiet time, some me time before the day gets started. It’s very very rare for me to sleep in, unless it’s a down day, when it’s dark and rainy outside. Every now and then the gym will get to me. Naomi doesn’t mind the chillax days in bed, she loves to cuddle. And I love to cuddle with her. She’s so sweet. I feel like she makes sure I’m okay, just like I constantly make sure she is okay. She is truly the love of my life!

She changed me.

I love you sweet pea.