So You Want To Know What RedLipstickandCammies means? I’m Glad You Asked!

Okay, okay!

So, before I get into what I came to get into. I have got to tell you about my new thang and what not. I have added putting on makeup into my morning routine! *Yaaaay* I mean, I be up at like 8:30 in the morning putting on makeup Chile! I figure, I did that when I was working, right? Now that I am a stay at home mom, I don’t put on makeup unless we’re doing something. But the other night, while I was cleaning and moisturizing my face, I said Self. “Self, if you moisturize and clean your face every day and night, then why can’t you get a little extra spiffy anymore?” AND THE THING IS, I STAY BUYING MAKE UP. AND HARDLY EVER WEAR IT! #Crazy.
Now!! Do not get me wrong. I don’t be round here looking like, ‘Who shot John and forgot to kill him.’ I ain’t looking like the help round here eitha.
Usually I just do mascara (Sometimes lashes. I’m a mascara junkie these days.) and lipstick, or like a nude gloss. Cute. Simple. Ya know.
I’ve been binge watching a lot of YouTube Channels lately.! *Wooo!* I watch a lot of makeup tutorials, hair care products, natural hairstyles, ya know. Stuff like that. I really watch a lot of makeup and hair tutorials. For like the last six months I have been buying different kinds of makeup, and I come home, try it out, and then boom, nothing. Nothing. I’m just usually simply cute. Ya know. But I am really into this whole natural beat. Blah, blah, blah thang.
Okay! So, moral of the story is, I have been doing a little jig in the morning with my whole makeup routine. I am really glad that I have been sticking to my word, and adding some extra spunk in my day, and for my man. Simple treasures are life’s pleasures. And not to mention, how much Naomi is enjoying it. I feel so spiffy ya’ll! Wakeup. Makeup. Repeat.
Now! Lets get to it.
You ready to chit chat Chile?!
I’m up! It’s 3:24 in the morning right now. (Ugh. Seriously though.) So, that makes it 6:24 in the morning back home. (East coast.) I woke up out of a dead sleep. When I looked at the time, I just knew it was like 6:00 in the morning. Not even close! I am wide awake! Oh, well. It’s Saturday. It is so windy outside right now though. That’s probably what woke me up, right? But it’s cool though, whatever.
When I’m up late, or wake up at crazy times in the middle of the night, I either pray or blog. Or both. I enjoy talking to you guys.
So yeah! Since we’re chit chatting, or whatever. Let me get on how more than a couple of people have asked me, “What does RedLipstickandCammies mean? How did you come up with that name?”

We’ll Chile. I am glad you asked.

RedLipstickandCammies is like a song to me. The lyrics can be whatever I want them to be, the lyrics can match the neat of my emotions.  RedLipstickandCammies is a platform for my emotions to perform on. My truth, my lies, my lows and my highs. I can say what I want. Be what and who I want to be because it’s mines. The exact same way I’ve always felt about him. He’s mines.
I love to talk. I love to make people laugh. I love to motivate, encourage by sharing some of my experiences. Some of my thoughts. Good and bad. Now, ya know I gots to save some for Jesus, and my man only. But I want to start taking ownership for my loses the same way I take ownerships for my wins. RedLipstickandCammies makes it fun for me. RedLipstickandCammies is my safe haven, my home of free words, and blasting thoughts.
Writing has always been a passion. Even when my parents use to make my brother and me write rules for punishment. (Ha-ha. That’s why are handwriting is so pretty. Ha! Thanks Ma! *Laughing* I remember I used to ask my brother how to spell certain words.)
I right down in my planners daily what occurred during the day. I can go back to a planner from 2012, and tell you what I was doing on any specific day in any month. I write down my prayers, my thoughts, my goals, my wishes, my wants. My bads, my goods. My grocery lists. (Ha-ha.)
I just write. I just write. I just write.
A piece of paper and a pen. I used to always write about him.
RedLipstickandCammies is like a tattoo in a sense, I guess. Depending on how you look at it.
RedLipstickandCammies is a representation of love, hurt, happiness, and sadness.
RedLipstickandCammies is healed wounds. Forgiven pains.
RedLipstickandCammies makes me take accountability of my feelings, my thoughts.
RedLipstickandCammies is a foundation of letters, formed together to make words that can make you love or hate someone.
RedLipstickandCammies makes me laugh.
RedLipstickandCammies tells stories that make me cry.
RedLipstickandCammies is a thought that occurred in an argument before I knew its name. I said I would tell this story with whoever would listen, and maybe laugh. Or listen and cry. Just someone listening, matters.
So much.
RedLipstickandCammies doesn’t make me feel misunderstood. Everything makes sense to me because it’s mines.
RedLipstickandCammies is a representation of him and me. He and I. Cammies, we’ll Cammies represents Rob. And, AND represents Us. Us meaning, April and Rob. Rob and April. (I like that, smirks.)
RedLipstickandCammies is where I unwind, where I release.
RedLipstickandCammies is where I vent and find peace.
RedLipstickandCammies is more than a Hobby. It’s my Passion. It’s my Calling.
I just love to write man!
Love lets me be myself. I don’t have to try and be anyone I don’t want to be when I write.
RedLipstickandCammies is my ace boon coon.
RedLipstickandCammies is where I can laugh at myself.
My reality. My realness.
Red is a color that I love. RedLipstick was a color I always saw my mother wear as a young girl. I always thought it was so pretty. And I always wanted to do it when I got older. But when I got older I became more insecure about my Crooked Smile. (Blog post.) RedLipstick always made me feel like my teeth stood out more when I wore it. Me didn’t like that.
As I’ve gotten older, and my perception changes, I don’t tend to allow those things, (My flaws.) get in the way of other things.  *Smile BIG, cheeeese!*
So, the very thing I love, is the very thing I (Used.) hate. I used to feel the same way about him. Rob Cammies is a representation of him as a Marine, his career. (Oops! I said that already. Sorry!) And those Cammies, that’s a feeling, in a way you won’t understand. Those Cammies are Love&War literally and figuratively to me.
RedLipstickandCammies is an untold, told story that I will never be able to put into words without a pencil and paper.
RedLipstickandCammies is, is Me.

I thank God every single day for him.

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