Solidifying My Small Goals

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

Hey Chile!!

Okay, so I am finally getting my groove back slowly but surely after having this here baby Chile. I must say this second time around has been pretty rough with going back and forth to the hospital after having Eliana. But I feel pretty dog on good as far as self love and self esteem. I don’t know about otha women, but after having a baby it’s like you have to start all ova again mentally, emotionally, and most definitely physically! I’m just being honest, speaking from my personal experiences. My weight lost has been mind blowing this second time around. (Don’t get it twisted now, I gots to get back in the gym to tighten up some thangs) I will soon enough. I’m actually looking forward to it. I know that won’t last long. Ha. Right now though, I’m still treading lightly. Just eating right and drinking plenty of water. After Naomi it was sooo hard to lose the baby weight and honestly I was pretty down on myself. I didn’t feel pretty and I dreaded going shopping. Ugh. This time around despite the set backs I have had with being admitted to the hospital in the mean time and between time. I actually feel pretty dog on good. And I am sincreley thankful for that feeling.

Okay so! Let me get to what I came here for. (Clears throat.) Ya know, one thang about me if I don’t do nothing else I am going to pray. I be praying. I am a praying somebody. I find so many thangs in prayer. And peace is most definitely one of them. So, the otha night in the shower (I tend to pray a lot in the shower.) I was praying, thanking God for all He has done for me and those I love and I also was asking God for thangs I want and need, etc. And I be asking for BIG thangs! I sure do. I have seen what He has done for me and I know that nothing, I mean absolutely nothing is too big for my God. LISTEN! Don’t get me started now. I will get the preaching, teaching, and testifying up in here, up in here! However, in the mist of my prayer and praise I thought to myself how sometimes I take for granted the little thangs that I have been extremely blessed with. But I continue to expect to be blessed with bigger blessings while still not always being appreciative of the little thangs. Yeah, sometimes I fall off the wagon and gots to get myself back right. And for me personally I feel like its a slap in Gods face when I ask for more and don’t show consistent gratefulness for all I already have. Ya know.

So! I say that to say this here. This month I will be focusing on small goals. I want to be just as ecstatic about my small goals. Ya know, just the way I am about the big goals I come through on. And NO! I am not over looking or doubting the big thangs that I want to achieve. However, if I can’t do the little mans work, how can I fulfill the big task that I ask for with graciousness? (This is me asking myself this question.) So when I do my ‘To Do’ list this month (I always do a ‘To Do’ list like the first week of the month.) I will be jotting down all the little thangs that I would like to complete this month. I will write down ten thangs and if I do five out of five I will be satisfied. I don’t want to overwhelm myself with being unrealistic. I mean, hey husbae just went back to work after have like two months off and I am getting in the swing of thangs at home alone with the girls (and otha thangs) until he gets off so bare with me.

A lot of times we want to be applauded by others for thangs we do and achieve, but we fail in applauding ourselves for the daily task we complete on a regular smegular day. Like I was productive today in cleaning and organizing my house, being patient with my oldest daughter when she’s asking me twenty one questions in less than twenty one seconds, I made my bed up, got dressed in something cute but cozy, and still made time to start a blog. Now, to most people that’s not biggie. Like okay, what the big deal? But for me I feel like I moved mountains today! And thank You Jesus for the patience and the energy to get it done effectively. Oh yeah, thank You for the person who created coffee too. (Tee-hee.) I want to be successful in a lot of thangs. I want to grow in a lot of areas in my life. And one place I want to start is by being thankful, like truly thankful for even the teeny tiny thangs in my life. Like being thankful for this here Wifi so I can gets this here blog done. When I pray I always make it clear how thankful I am. However, I want that to be very clear in my actions as well, daily. Like you know how brushing your teeth and wiping your tail is second nature. That’s how I want my thankfulness to be. I have really grown in this area a lot in the past few years. But sometimes when I get bummed out or ovawhelmed I tend to have to check myself.

So for example.

A few small goes I want to get done this month…

  1. All these family photos, pictures of Rob (Husbae) and me I want to get some nice frames and hang them all through the house. I haven’t hung pictures since we first moved to California and this past October made two years. So I am really excited about hanging some new photos of us and our special edition to the family on the walls of my safe haven.
  2. I want to bake and decorate a cake from scratch with my oldest daughter. I want her and me to have a little one on one time. It’s been kind of hard since baby sis is here now. I want to get some cute sprinkles, etc.Ya know make it look all cute and what not. Hey, I may even do a blog post on it.
  3. I want to color coordinate my clothes in my closet like I once had it before I got super lazy when I was pregnant. I’m super organized so when I go in my walk in close right now I kind of start to itch a little.

I’m pretty hype about the new adventures of focusing on my little goals as much as I’m focused on my big goals. I’m definitely going to start patting myself on the back for all the day to day happenings that get fulfilled. Because it is all a blessing. To be able to get out of bed and be able to physically do what I need and what to do, and be in the right state of mind to get thangs done is a immense blessing. And I am going to definitely stop taking that for granted. Because it could be any other way. Even if I wake up dead beat tired, I will be thankful because at least I am here and alive to even be tired. Sometimes its easy to over look the minor thangs we accomplish to busy focusing on people recognizing the bigger thangs that we have going on. I’m speaking on social media happenings. Where as social media shows one side of your life. A lot of people need to get back focused on the life that people can’t see. Do you get where I’m coming from? I’m allowing myself to really fathom what it is like to crawl before I walk in certain areas of my life. In times of confusion I want to remain steadfast in always seeing the good and God in all thangs. Because you know what? If He did it once before, He will always do it again. Can I get a amen? AMEN!!

And always remember that what God giveth, God can taketh away.

I’m Just Saying…



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  1. We gone be Hezekiah Walker Grateful round here. April, thank you so much for this reminder. Life is wonderful cause it is still Life and we ain’t dead! Love reading your blogs!

    1. FRIEND!! You’re so welcome! Thank you for always stopping by to read my posts. I am very thankful for your consistent supportive.

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