*Sunday Tings* Skit One

*Sunday Tings*

Hey Chile!

I hope that you’re comfy, cozy in bed or on the couch cuddled up right now!

I am!

I rarely ever lay around. I mean ever. I am always doing something. I’ve even started recognizing that I’ve been eating my breakfast, and lunch standing up in the kitchen. I don’t know. I guess I’m just a get right to it person. I don’t lounge a lot. I may take a break one day out of the month, ya know, when Ms. Red shows up the first day. Other than that, I always have something on the ‘To Do’ list to do. Whether it be big or small. It’s always something to do if you ask me. Sometimes it can be what you want to do, and a lot of times its not something you want to do. But there is always a ‘do.’
But today, we will not adult!! We’ll maybe just a tad bit. But trust me. It is so beneficial!

Happy Sunday! xOxO.

So, here goes…

1. Have a slow morning.
If you’re anything like me, you may feel the need to get up and do something. My husband says he never feels like that. Ha-ha! I’m such a busy body. And even when I do feel like I really could sleep in for another hour or so, I want to get up while Naomi is still sleep. So, even if I am a bit sleepy, I get up anyways. So, yeah! This morning we’re not tripping on nothing and nobody. Layup, lay around, and be glad at it! Don’t rush to do anything!
Now when you do decide to get out of bed, fix yourself a wholesome breakfast! I usually stream church live to get the Word, or turn on my gospel music. Get some John P. Kee, and some Marvin Winas in the house hold. It’s fun. It’s peaceful. It’s Sunday.

2. Write a ‘To Do’ list for the up and coming week! So, after you eat! Get right back in bed. My family loves to lounge, so it’s not too hard to do, especially on a Sunday. I tend to get lucky, because Naomi is up under Rob all day. I reckon she done had about enough of me during the week.
Get back in bed, and get your journal, notebook, or notepad out and write down what needs to be done this week! It can be big or little, just write it down! Ok?! What do you need to do this week? What do you need to send off? What do you need to pickup or return? Schedule appointments? Dates? Business dates, Lunch dates, Baby dates, Girl dates, or Husbae dates. Lets get into it! What do you have to do this week Chile? Whatever it is! Write it down! That way you don’t have to rush ya way through everything. You will have time to get up, pray, get ya mind right, and start ya day. You gots to be tired of rushing all the time. Chile! Just write it down.

Moving on…

3. Organize and Schedule
Now, some folks are probably like, ‘Girl, this is too much.’ Says you! Listen, I am trying to help you. I wasn’t like this always. But you’ll be thanking me come Tuesday! I am an organized freak. I am a planner having somebody. I have three right now, including a ‘Mommy Planner’ and I am using all four. I love it. It makes life easy. And the memories are amazing. I can go back to a 2010 Planner, and look at this time, that year, and can tell you exactly what I did that day. Even if it was absolutely nothing. I write it all day. Things I need and want to get done by a certain date. Upcoming appointments, and events. I do Birthdays, Anniversary’s, ya knows gigs like that, and what not. Just know, I writes it all down Chile.
So, yeah. Organize and Schedule Chile. It feels good. I’m trying to tell you!

4. Meal Prep! That’s right! MEAL PREP!
Get it right. Get it tight! Alright now. So! I promise you this saves you money, time, and stress! And I’m not even talking about meal prepping dinners. I mean, if you want to, be my guess. I was just talking about your lunch for work. Or your snacks during the day. Like I cut up apples and put them in zip lock bags. So, when I eat my apples and peanut butter, I ain’t gots to slice and dice a dog on thang! I also, cut up my fruits and lemons every Sunday for the upcoming week. Put it in some tuba ware and keep it moving Chile. I’m tryin’ tell you!

5. Plan Ya Outfits!To some it may sound corny. But you better get into it. Have some type of idea what you will wear the next day at the very least. Don’t be running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Paaalease! Don’t start your days like this. It can’t be healthy.

6. Take Time for Self-Care.
*Clears Throat* I wrote a blog on this! Self- Care 101. (GO CHECK IT OUT!)
Self- Care is A1 important! I, myself clean my face every morning and every night. And I do not go to sleep in nobody’s makeup. Oh, no. I don’t spend a lot of time lounging. As you know. So, when it’s time to get in bed and relax until I fall asleep. I want to be free of everything that holds me hostage during the day. If ya know what I mean. Ha-haa! Moisturize and pamper your skin. Moisturize your face. And lotion up your body. Paint your toe nails and sip tea. Or Kool-Aid.

7. Go to Bed Early! Ya know, a decent time anyways.
Chile! You better get your beauty sleep and stop playing! Rest your eyes. (As my husband would say. He stays resting his eyes.) If you don’t have to, then don’t stay up all night. Take ya butt to bed. No Tv.  No Phone. Pray, take time out to be thankful, and mindful of life’s blessings that will keep you humble, and driven throughout the week.

Have a BLESSED and PROSPOROUS week Chile. Go be GREAT!!