Oh! Shooot! Now I can cook dinner, wash clothes, fold clothes, change diapers, while reading Dr. Suess, preparing for upcoming blogs, checking off my goals I inspire to get done, writing in Naomi’s journal and hold a good ole conversation all at once while eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Yes! I gets the job done. I am sooo proud of me!

Now while I acknowledge the fact that I wear many hats with genuine pride, I won’t be ashamed to tell you that when it’s time for me to grab a good book, put on my bonnet and climb in bed I couldn’t be any further from the truth! Ya girl be exhausted! I gots it going on now though, it’s like second nature to get the job down with a 7 month baby. She just goes with flow, with everything. We are team mates for sure. I do nothing without my little one. Daddy will give me a break though, and then I just miss the crap out of her. That’s a whole other story though. So let me tell you, after I had Naomi I was all over the place, mentally, physically, and especially emotionally. DID I SAY ESPECIALLY EMOTIONALLY!! Wait, not right after I had Naomi because Rob was home from work, and then my parents came up. Everyone helped out soooo much! I loved it; I even got spoiled in the mist of it too!

The morning I woke up alone, the house was quiet, I didn’t smell my mother’s cooking house (which is the bomb) I realized I was alone with a new born baby. I looked at Naomi confused, and she looked back at me like “I don’t know either, where’s Daddy?” I kept asking myself how I would do this all alone. I cried every day for two weeks. I think being away from home made it a little worse too. When Naomi would cry I would cry with her. Breastfeeding was overwhelming too. Milk was everywhere! I was like a cow, I called myself dairy queen! That too is a whole other story.

When it came time for Rob to get off work I would be by the window waiting for the garage door to go up! I was jealous of him too honestly, because he had it all down packed. I’m like does he have a secret child I know nothing about? He was like superman. I just felt like I didn’t have a clue, even if it was in front of me. As soon as Rob got in the house I was out the door!!! Like a bat out of hell! I would get in my car and just drive, and sometimes I would drive and cry all at the same time. I didn’t’ have any music playing. I just needed to figure it out without any noise! And I absolutely love music, I’m a radio! I just wanted to get everything right, and it made me so sad that I couldn’t grasp the concept as fast as I wanted too. Not to mention I wasn’t getting any sleep, and my boobs were as big as beach balls! Rob was so supportive and he never put me down, he constantly encouraged me and that did make me feel better. Even though I still was curious in how he had the magic touch. (Hahaha!) After about three weeks of praying, crying, and calling my mommy a lot (I talk to her every day, somedays half the dang day, we be having some good convo hunny child.) and a little bit more praying I was starting to get in the groove of things. When I was able to fix dinner again I knew I was in reach!

Now! It’s like any other day. I gets the job done and I love every moment of it! I take it all in, I write it down, and I take so many pictures! I absolutely love being a mother! It is so rewarding! Most of all I am so thankful to God that He blessed me with a heck of a husband who is a hell of a good father to our daughter. I couldn’t be more blessed! So I don’t ride out at night anymore when Rob gets home! No more playing the switch game!

“The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts.”

Mommy loves you sweet pea!